How to Apply for Google Adsense to Get Accepted Quickly


How to Apply for Google Adsense to Get Accepted Quickly - This time we will discuss according to the title, we will discuss and get acquainted more closely with Google AdSense. In this all-digital era, there are indeed many opportunities and easy ways to earn money, especially in the digital world, aka the internet. Well, one way that is very well known and quite easy is Google AdSense, guys!

Maybe some of you have often heard the name Google AdSense and maybe you already know what Google AdSense is, but are you sure you already know the details, from the importance of Google AdSense to how to register? If the answer is not yet, you better stay tune and find out all the answers below this article!

In this article, we will both look further at what Google AdSense is, what is its importance and benefits, how to get Google AdSense accepted and how to register for Google AdSense easily. So, without further ado, let's just find out everything below!

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is better known as an advertising program based on CPC (cost per click) which helps website owners to earn money from this content. So, this ad will be installed and as the name implies, CPC or cost per click, meaning that the income will be earned per click by the website visitor.

Google AdSense allows you to become a partner of Google. All blog or website owners can join this advertising and service program, the condition is that they only have a blog and website. The ads that have been registered with Google AdSense have been selected, compiled and also managed by Google itself as well.

Why Use Google AdSense?

Maybe many of you are wondering, why do you have to use Google AdSense? What's in it anyway? If you're still looking for motivation, why do you have to use Google AdSense, see the reason below!

Additional Income

Well, the first reason and of course sought by many people is of course easy to find additional income from Google AdSense. AdSense is one of the easiest ways to earn money from the internet. The income you can get from Google AdSense is indeed varied and not fixed, but it's worth trying and that's why it's often said to be 'additional income', not fixed.

Income from Google AdSense depends on many factors, from the ranking of your website to the amount of advertising value.

Google AdSense will pay your income every month and there is no need to be afraid, Google itself is quite transparent with your income. Disbursement of funds from Google AdSense can be done with the minimum condition that there is already $100 in income.

Content Matched Ads

For those of you who usually scroll through websites and find lots of ads that are quite annoying and relevant, don't worry. Google AdSense is not like that. Ads on Google AdSense are known to be contextual, which means that these ads appear according to the theme of the website you are visiting.

Content is very important and definitely attracts the attention of visitors to click on ads, right? Try to imagine using this AdSense service but the ads that appear are irrelevant to the content of the website. For example, the website you are currently opening is about automotive, but what is displayed is related to food. Doesn't it connect?

So, if you click, just look at it, you must be lazy. Besides being lazy and unattractive, these ads are also really annoying, right? It's guaranteed that using Google AdSense things like that won't happen!

Easy to use

The most complicated way to use Google AdSense is to register and get approval from Google itself to use Google AdSense. After approval, you just need to add a code in your website's theme file. After that, the ads will run directly on your blog. It doesn't take long, it doesn't take long, it's really easy!

Many Support Forums

Don't be afraid for those of you who are still new to the world of advertising programs. Using Google AdSense, there are lots of special forums where you can share tips, tutorials, and even instructions on how to use Google AdSense. No worries, friends! Google AdSense has a very broad scope!

Various Formats

If you use Google AdSense, you can really advertise in any form, for example: text, images, HTML ads, video ads and more, and in various sizes. You can also experiment with different types of ads and find out which ones are driving the biggest revenue for your business.

Known to Google

Google AdSense, as the name suggests, is a Google program and the most popular program on the internet. The plus and minus of Google AdSense is that not all blogs and websites will be accepted by Google, right? Some people consider this a minus, but from another perspective, this is actually really good because it can sort out which blogs are worthy of acceptance.

Phone Device-Friendly

Google AdSense in addition to the things above has also optimized ads for mobile, you know. So, Google AdSense can optimize the size of your ad unit so that it can be automatically adjusted to desktop or mobile, which means there will be more opportunities for that ad unit to be seen and clicked by all visitors on any device.

Tips to Get Your Website Accepted by Google AdSense

Well, for those of you who are already motivated to sign up for AdSense, you'd better check the full tips on how to get your website accepted by Google AdSense. The problem is that many websites and blogs are rejected after they register.

So, for those of you who don't want this to happen, let's look at the tips on how to make your website not rejected by Google before signing up for Google AdSense! Check it out below, guys!

Create Quality Content

One of the reasons why many websites are rejected by Google AdSense is that the content on their website is of low quality. This Google will check your website and blog, so it's really important to pay attention to the content of your blog, huh.

So, how is the content that can be called quality? Quality content, of course, cannot be separated from the plagiarism checker, right? Don't let your articles copy and paste from other sources without including the source. Google obviously will not approve then.

For the article itself, try to make sure that your article has educational content, a minimum of 500 words and also includes an image to make it interesting, right! If many are interested, of course, you will get a lot of visitors, which will make Google trust your website more!


Come on, you guys remember SEO right? Yep, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it really has an impact on Google AdSense approval for your website. So, SEO is one of the benchmarks whether your website is approved or not.

Related to the points above, having quality content will help the value of your SEO. Whether or not a website is good is judged by this SEO ranking.

Check Your Blog Domain Age

Yep! You didn't read it wrong. You must have a blog domain within a few months before you can register for AdSense. Certain countries such as India and China, there is a 6 month requirement for domains to apply for AdSense.

But, don't worry guys, some blogs are approved by Google directly even though their domain is not up to 6 months old. But, so that it is certain and not rejected, try at least the age of your blog's domain is 6 months, note it!

Don't have your own domain yet? Don't worry, you can try using the services of Idcoulhost, you know. There are various kinds of cheap domains on Idcoulhost which of course have a lot of uses, let alone a very influential domain for business, you know.

Attractive Design

Well, in addition to beautifying and making your blog neater, blog structure is very important, friends! Blog structure is the basic structure of your blog. So, make sure you have your own header view, content area, sidebar, footer, etc.

Continue to research whether the structure and design of your blog is enjoyed by visitors, if many people like the structure of your website, Google AdSense will definitely like it, right? First impression matters, with a good design and structure, visitors will also feel comfortable hanging out on your blog for a long time.

So, try to take advantage of thousands of templates on the internet that look professional, there are lots of variations ranging from free to paid that you can try to use on your own blog. It can be guaranteed that your website has a high probability of being approved by Google AdSense!

Check Your Blog

Lastly and most importantly, make sure that your blog is not blocked by Google, friends. Google AdSense can check your blog's statistics in their search engine, you know!

If you want to check quickly, you can just check on Google. If you find it and find the result, congratulations! You're not blocked by Google, but if you don't find it, chances are you've been blocked by Google.

How to Register for Google AdSense

For those of you who are sure to register for Google AdSense and have implemented some of the tips above, you can follow the instructions below to find out how to register for Google AdSense for your website. You only need 3 things to get started with AdSense: a Google account, a phone number and email, and a link from your site to Ads.senses.

For those of you who have been eagerly waiting for how to register, just scroll down and scroll down. Don't skip the steps. Cus, just check it right away!

Step 1 – Creating an Account

First of all, you first open the Google AdSense page at

Here we have to create a Google AdSense account first.

Then just click "Register Now".

Well, here you will be asked to fill out several registration forms. You can fill in according to the website and email you want to register, yes.

Here you will also be asked to enter the URL of the site where your ad will be displayed. Don't forget to select 'Yes' for performance recommendations from AdSense.

Click save and continue or save and continue.

#Step 2 – Activating Account

Now, if you have successfully created an account with the method above, the next step is to activate the account. Actually, there are three ways to activate the account, here.

First, you can connect your website to Google AdSense. So, all you have to do is login to the Google AdSense account you just created, copy the code on the homepage and paste the code into the HTML.

The second way, you can enter your payment address details in Google AdSense. Same as above, first login to your AdSense account and complete the 'Payment address details' column by selecting the account type and name.

Remember to enter your full address, such as postal address and phone number.

Last but not least, you can activate your account by verifying your phone number on Google AdSense. Log in again to your Google AdSense account and select 'Verify your phone number' then enter your phone number.

This verification code will be sent via text or voice call, so you just have to choose it. After that, enter the verification code that was given to you, yes!

After successfully following the method above, you can wait patiently because the process takes approximately two weeks. But, it can also be in 3 days. It's different for every website or blog because in some cases it takes longer.

You will get an email if your AdSense account activation request is successful. After that, your Google AdSense can already be active and display ads on your YouTube account, Blog and Website.

What if our account is rejected? Well, don't worry, friends, if for example your application is rejected, Google AdSense will also send you an email and include the reason why your account was rejected.


The Crazy One has summarized everything from understanding what Google AdSense is to how to register for Google AdSense, complete right? So, after knowing and getting to know more about Google AdSense, are you sure you still don't want to try to join this advertising program on the internet, right? So hurry up, just follow the tips above and how to register!

Hopefully this article is useful for all of you. See you again in the next article, friends.

( Nicho )