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10 Tips for Successful Online Selling, Read More to Find Out the Solution

Selling Online

Selling Online - This is the era of online selling. Needs from head to toe, you can find on the internet. In other words, anything you can sell online. However, you certainly know. Although there are many opportunities, not everyone has a success story selling online. Not a few online shops that close in the middle of the road. It's stories like these that might make you squirm.

But we believe, success is the right of all. We are also ready to accompany you to make your online business a success. Therefore, we will divulge the version of the success tips for selling online.

10 Tips and Ways to Sell Online for Beginners

Here are 10 best selling tips and ways to sell online that you can try:

1. Recognize Product Selling Value (Unique Selling Points)

Selling Online

What are the advantages of your business product? The answer that comes to mind could be: affordable price, super quality, or first in class. This kind of question is easy to answer.

How about I change the question to: what are the advantages of your competitors' products?

I believe more of you are suddenly silent and thinking.

It does not matter. No problem.

This question should really make you think. Because, that's where you're looking for answers to unique selling points (USP) or product selling points.

In contrast to the advantages of products that can be many, the USP is usually only one. This one point will be the key to distinguish your business from competitors.

Why only one? Because when you want people to know all the advantages of your product, often potential customers will remember anything about your online selling business.

Sad, isn't it?

To find a USP, you need to position yourself as a prospect. Take a look, what do your potential customers really need? Is it about the product? Is it more about the service?

To make it easier for you to imagine an attractive USP, here are examples of USPs that have world-class business products:

  • TOMS Shoes a pair of shoes for children who cannot afford any shoes;
  • Starbucks wide selection of premium quality coffee drinks;
  • Zappos very customer friendly exchange policy;
  • FedEx guarantee packages arrive overnight;
  • Domino's Pizza pizza is free if it doesn't arrive in 30 minutes.

When you've found some good USP candidates, try googling again. This time, adjust the USP to the tastes of potential customers, customer habits, trends, buying decisions, and customer role models.

In other words, try to combine a potential USP with a buyer persona that you may have created. If you are able to execute these tips well, your online sales are guaranteed to be successful.

2. Create Your Own Online Store Website

Selling Online

When looking at online selling tips you might wonder. Why do you need to create a website to sell online? This question often arises when a business is advised to have a website.

In fact, there are many marketplaces that are easier to use. Starting from eBay, Alibaba, Rakuten, Etsy, Amazon, and so on. So, why do you still need to create a website?

Marketplace is indeed much easier to use. It doesn't take long to create an account and run your business.

Plus, the marketplace already has high traffic and a lot of users. For sure, it will be much easier for you to find customers.

However, it actually makes the market has a very high competition. You have to connect potential customers with low prices, provide fast service, and build a reputation through ratings and reviews.

However, after all that effort, your brand will not be well known. Customers will only remember the marketplace that is used as a substitute for the brand. If you really intend to build brand awareness, you need to accept these consequences.

Unlike the case with online store websites. Indeed, in the beginning, creating an online store website is somewhat complicated. There's a lot of technical stuff that needs to be done before you can get online.

However, online stores are very strategic for building a brand. You can design a website to match the desired branding. That way, the USP and the advantages of the product can be highlighted properly.

Not only that, through your own online store, you have control over the data. First, data sales. You can easily find out sales trends over time, buyer demographics, and product models that customers prefer.

Second, data containing the online contacts of potential customers. Through this data, you can do retargeting. In simple language, you can see notifications through promos or new products to email subscribers. All you have to do is create a landing page that contains a form to collect the desired data.

All marketing efforts can be carried out appropriately. That point also needs to be kept in mind as another advantage of having your own online store. In one dashboard page, you have control over promotions, releasing contests, providing customer service, managing product inventory, and managing resellers.

How? Now you are sure about the advantages of online stores?

If so, all you have to do is follow these steps to create your own online store:

  • Order hosting and domain here ;
  • Install WordPress;
  • Choose a CMS or online store platform. For example, WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop or others ;
  • do web setup and product input;

3. Learn and Understand the Data

Selling Online

"To conclude without data is a big mistake," said Sherlock Holmes. Even if the characters say they are fictitious, don't underestimate what they say.

Data is important in business. Even very important, Peter Sondergaard said that data is the oil of the 21st century. Then, analytics or data analysis is the engine of combustion.

So, in short, you have to be smart about studying business-related data. Especially data about sales and data related to promotional efforts.

First, sales data. Usually this data can automatically be obtained from the report feature in the CMS used. From this data, you can know which products are selling online best, what kinds of products are preferred by customers, when sales skyrocket, and when sales are sluggish.

From the first data set, you can research product and market tastes. Then make new products to be released to the market. You can also anticipate the high season and low season by executing the right marketing strategy.

Second, data related to promotion and marketing. For this one, make sure you have Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager installed on the website. If not, start installing Google Analytics and follow the Google Tag Manager guide first.

Through Analytics from Google, you can unify the overall website performance. Who are your potential customers? Where are they live? Which pages are viewed the most by customers in online stores? What marketing channels are the most effective? How to? Read the article How to Use Google Analytics for Beginners.

Not only that. Google Analytics can also do business-specific data tracking. You can know the performance of competitors' websites in the same industry, find out popular keywords, find out the factors that cause users to leave the web, and know the right time to send emails.

To find out how to find and read specific Google Analytics metrics, you can read the article Google Analytics to improve your Business .

4. Use a Content Marketing Strategy

Selling Online

Have you ever heard of the term content marketing? If not, we will try to explain briefly.

Content marketing is a promotional technique that relies on content creation. Not just any content created. content is relevant, important, useful, and can attract an audience in the long run.

That is why the use of content marketing is one of the online selling tips that you must try.

The better and more useful the content you create, the more likely your business will be found by potential customers through Google. That is, the more likely you are to earn money through this strategy.

However, you shouldn't get caught up in creating just photo or video content. Both are interesting. Especially if it looks aesthetic and spoils the eyes.

It's just that, you need to keep running a strategy in executing content marketing. Instead of creating visual content and just sharing it via social media, you should consider creating a blog within an online store's web.

Blogs are a long term investment. Through blogs you can show a friendly business side, build close relationships with potential customers, collect prospective customer data, and improve business reputation.

Speaking of technicalities, blogs can also be a place to collect all promotional materials. That way, your promotional content is more accessible to potential customers. They also don't have to bother scrolling through their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook Page accounts.

Then is it enough to just make a blog? Unfortunately no.

You also still need to apply the principles of SEO in the blog. SEO is the main rule set by Google. When a blog fulfills all the rules issued by Google, the greater the blog occupies the top position in search results.

5. Active on Social Media

Selling Online

Even though there are already websites and blogs, please don't ever try social media. Tips The problem is sometimes still forgotten by business people who sell online via the website. In fact, social media is still an important channel for promoting business products or services.

From social media, the first door of introduction is opened to potential customers. Only after knowing and getting to know the business more closely, they are interested in being more involved . Either later in the form of following accounts, comments, or visiting the URL you provide (including websites, blogs, and YouTube).

The statement above is not an approximation. In fact, as many as 95 percent of social media users with an age range of 18-34 years follow business social media accounts. Then as many as 93 percent of users use social media as a way of communicating with brands (customer service).

When you succeed in creating a pleasant social media interaction, as many as 71 percent of users will recommend your business to the people closest to you. So, have you explained why social media has become an important part of business?

So that you can better understand social media marketing, please read the Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing 2019. In this article, we discuss strategic steps for running promotions through social media.

There, there are some points you can learn:

  • Research Audience;
  • Make clear goals/goals;
  • Define appropriate metrics;
  • Researching business rivals;
  • Create engaging content;
  • Determine the right post time;
  • advertising features;
  • Evaluate social media marketing strategy.

If you need information that is more directed towards selling online, you can also read the article on tips for selling online via social media here. The article discusses more about bulls eye techniques and practical tips for managing social media.

6. Try an email marketing strategy to collect leads

Selling Online

A little interesting fact: you have a 60-70 percent chance of selling a product to an existing customer. Then only 5-20 percent of your chances of selling the product to a new customer.

In other words, 80 percent of your business profits come from 20 percent of existing customers. Therefore, it is very important for you to be able to maintain relationships with customers.

How to?

Moreover, there are so many factors out there that interfere with your relationship with customers. Starting from promos and discounts from business rivals, there are new competitors, to social media algorithms that are not on your side.

So, how to maintain relationship with customers?

Try an email marketing strategy. Through these online selling tips, you will send the latest updates and promos via email.

So, how is the execution?

For that, I need to talk about two things. First, set up a landing page to collect customer contacts. Then, secondly, create a newsletter or content that will be sent to them.

Step One: Creating a Landing Page

Landing pages are pages on the web that are used for commercial purposes. The commercial value in question can be realized in the form of lead generation landing pages. In other words, landing pages that can be used to collect customer data.

Once you can pocket the data, you can freely communicate with customers. It doesn't matter whether there are competitors who are intensively entering the market or customers accidentally unfollowing social media accounts.

To collect data, you need to create attractive pages. In principle, you need to combine the expected promotional words with a good appearance.

You don't need a lot of theory, you can check the landing page inspiration in the article 7+ Examples of Interesting Landing Pages for Your Website. There, we analyzed the landing page designs of world-class businesses. You can also learn various online selling tips through an attractive landing page.

Only after that, you can immediately practice making your own landing page. There are so many page builder plugins to choose from to create landing pages. One of the most widely used is Elementor.

Step Two: Create a Newsletter

All the business content you need has value. Similarly, the benchmark for email marketing or newsletters.

To make it more interesting, you need to add bonuses to this strategy. Especially bonuses that are practical and can be used by customers. Especially if it's not premium access for promos and discounts, as well as download or freebies.

Even though this exclusive promo and content is an imbalance. This is because customers are willing to share their personal data with you. Data is expensive stuff, you know? Remember the term “data is the oil of the 21st century”, right?

Well, try reading the article [Complete] Guide to Creating Effective Email Marketing 2019. There, you can find all the detailed information as well as a to-do list of promotional strategies via email.

If you're interested in the best practices, don't miss checking out the 5+ Sample Newsletters for your Email Marketing. As usual, that's where we review the newsletters of various nonprofits and businesses. Not to forget, there are various tips and tricks that can be applied to your newsletter.

When all these concepts have been reached, then you move on to things that are more practical. Like designing a newsletter with Mailchimp or installing the right email marketing plugin.

7. Take advantage of Word of Mouth Marketing

Selling Online

Believe it or not, what people say is very influential in a business. Why do you think business people are willing to pay a lot for celebrities and key opinion leaders to talk well about their business?

That's why the tips you can try to make your online sales more in demand is to take advantage of word of mouth marketing.

If you really have a budget, there's nothing wrong with trying promos through celebrity or other micro influencers. a business you can be known by the audience in large numbers. Also, the reach of the audience can be wider.

It's another case, if you can't budget for this kind of promotion. You need to find ways to influence customers more effectively.

Then, how? It's easy, just make sure you provide a customer review column on your website.

Through this review, potential customers can assess the quality of your business goods and services. This way shows that you are fairly fair and transparent about the business. At the same time, you will expect potential customers that your business practices are real and not fraudulent.

After all, in fact, this kind of marketing technique is still quite effective. Word of mouth marketing is said to be 5x more profitable than paid marketing. Because of that, 70 percent of business people said they intended to increase word of mouth online marketing.

You can't miss either. The easiest way, again, is to add a review column on the website. You can read How to Create Reviews in WordPress. In that article, we covered some great plugin options to add to a WordPress website.

8. Try Advertising Business Through Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram

Selling Online

The next online selling tip is still related to social media. Because social media is very important in influencing business, we dedicate one more section on how social media can help your online store.

Unlike the previous discussion, in this section, we will discuss specifically about advertising on social media. Advertising on social media not only increases the exposure and brand awareness of your product. Advertising also opens up great opportunities to increase your sales.

Specifically, advertising on social media is a strategic step and is more profitable. In fact, what you get can be bigger than advertising through Google Ads. How could it be?

First, consider how the Google Ads and Social Media Ads systems work. Google Ads works when consumers already know what they want. In the customer journey, consumers have passed through the awareness stage. They are already in the consideration stage and are considering which brand provides the best product for them.

However, social media advertising works at different stages. Social media ads target customers before they even know what they want. Product ads will be displayed according to the market segmentation that you create.

In other words, social media advertising guides customers from the awareness stage to purchase. That way, you can present your business on every customer journey. Then, consequently your market share will be much wider.

Second, social media offers more advanced targeting options. You don't have to bother looking for customers one by one like door to door sales. Social media ads that will work hard. You just sit back and relax while enjoying your sales figures increase drastically.

Approximately, there are four targeting options that social media ads can provide:

  • Interest targeting: Similar to keyword targeting in Google Ads. The social media you advertise on will analyze users who have previously used your keywords.
  • Connection/behavioral targeting: Reach specific prospects based on their spending habits and intensity or how they have connected to a specific page on your website before.
  • Custom targeting: With this option you can reach customers with the prospect data you have such as email addresses, phone numbers,
  • Similar targeting: Reach new customers with nearly the same characteristics as your current customers.
  • Interesting offer, right? Of course you can't wait to try to advertise your online business. Before you rush to try and spend a lot of money, you can first read the guide to Facebook ads and Instagram ads on our blog.

That way, you can minimize mistakes when carrying out this strategy. You don't want to waste money either, do you?

9. Promo, Promo, Promo

Selling Online

Can you tell me who in this world doesn't like promos? Hmm… Nothing?

So, obviously everyone likes promos. Also, you need to include promos and discounts in your marketing strategy.

Especially if your business is still corn, you need to pay attention to potential customers, and want to interact with businesses that are already well established. In fact, 91 percent of people visit a retail or new business because of the promotion it offers.

It's just that, you also need to be careful in spreading the promo. Don't let customers buy only during promos.

Because if that's the case, fortunately, you can end up dead. The initial promo costs are too big, but you don't have enough profit to cover the promo costs.

Like Amazon, Amazon also provides promos for a product which will certainly attract consumers to buy products from the promos provided.

Therefore, make sure the quality of the products you offer is topnotch. Or at least, have advantages and bargaining power compared to similar products.

10. Create Unique and Interesting Product Descriptions

Technical matters about technology are not only a way to boost profits selling online. Things that seem trivial and trivial like product descriptions can also affect whether or not you sell online.

Yes, here we are talking about persuasion techniques. More specifically about copywriting.

Copywriting will be a complement to all the promotional efforts that you have done. With a persuasive promotional sentence or copy, you can easily reach the emotional side of the customer. From there, lead the potential customer to the check out page to complete the transaction.

Then, how to write copy that successfully touches the emotional side? You can find the answer below:

1. Define Your Target Persona and What Your Product Is

The key to business success, one of which is knowing who you are and who your customers are. Since the two are inseparable, don't be surprised if we discuss both at once here.

Having a clear picture of who your customers are will be very beneficial for the business. With a buyer persona, you can adjust yourself to be close and in accordance with their daily lives.

For example, writing copy for the youth market segment. Surely you will use language that is more relaxed and accompanied by slang. This is different from the market segment for parents whose language is more general.

In addition to the customer profile, the type of product also affects the form of the copy. For example, copy for accessories or youth shirts. The description of humorous inserts will be a unique point in itself.

It is different with copies for medical devices or safety products. The sling of humor does not make the product unique. Just, copy like that can imply you are not serious about the business you run. Other language, inappropriate elements can boomerang that destroys the reputation of the business.

2. Use Natural Language and Tone

A good description doesn't have to follow the Enhanced Spelling (EYD) rules. The more communicative and natural the language used, the more it sounds like it was spoken by a friend. As a result, you successfully touch the emotional side of the reader.

The characteristics of natural language is easy to read. When copy uses natural language, potential buyers will need to read product descriptions over and over again to know what you're selling. Enough once, they already know the advantages of the products offered.

3. Tell How Products can help Customers

Does your product have an advantage over competitors? Great! You definitely need to include this in the product description.

However, remember. Focusing too much on product features and greatness has fatal consequences: you won't touch the emotional side of potential customers.

As, focus on the target consumer. Use their point of view and use their "shoes". Tell them who they are, what problems they face, and how your product provides solutions and makes them even better.

Best Selling Online Selling Ideas 2021

Selling Online

After knowing various online selling tips for beginners, what else do you need to learn?

The answer is knowing what the best selling online selling products are. This can help you determine the right type of business.

You can do your own research. Either use Google Trends or research keywords. However, we have summarized the list for you below:

1. String

In any country, there must be a large gadget market share. In fact, according to a data, each person has up to 2 devices. This means that gadgets are still a potential product to be sold.

Data from Google Trends also shows that searches for "gadgets" in the "Shopping" category have hit their highest number this year.

2. Food

Google Trends does not show a high trend for food searches. Results that tend to be stable are certainly achievable considering that food is the main need.

In fact, various food product businesses have sprung up and are never empty of buyers. Not only in main food products, various variations of snacks are also in demand.

Food service is defined by food quality and effective marketing. With this potential, starting a culinary business can be an interesting business idea.

3. Clothes

You must have shopped for clothes online, right? The ease of finding clothing sellers through online stores, marketplaces and online shops is the reason for the development of the business.

In addition, a wide choice of products is also the key to selling clothing products. Ranging from clothing for adult men and women, to babies and children.

4. Electronic

Like gadgets, people in the world like to shop for electronic products. Data from the Ministry of Industry mentions an increase in sales transactions which is predicted to reach up to 10%.

The market share of electronic products itself is quite broad. Not only on new products. Some marketplaces also display used electronic products for sale.

Moreover, technological developments have led to new products such as Curved TV, Go Pro, and others. This means that electronic products will not be empty of buyers.

5. Accessories

Currently, accessories products are also in great demand. Starting from cell phone accessories, cars to home knick-knacks.

I hope that people can be different so that the accessories business can grow. If you want to get into this business, the key is your foresight to see opportunities and create product creativity.

6. Herbal Products

Public awareness of healthy lifestyles is increasing. This has an impact on the level of sales of health products without side effects. Not surprisingly, various herbal products are increasingly popular.

Data from Google Trends shows that the search for herbal products is quite high. Thus the potential for online selling of herbal products is still quite promising.

7. Beauty Product

Beauty products cannot be missed from our list of best selling products online.

In fact, the demand for beauty products is indeed high. This is due to two things: the ease of buying goods online and the many beauty effects for certain product brands.

You can consider getting into this business with a lucrative income potential.


Now! After seeing the various online selling tips above, now you are better prepared to create the best-selling online business. Hope all of the above tips help you organize your online business.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or comments on topics like these, don't hesitate to leave a comment in the column below.

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