How to Increase DA PA Blog score, proven to work

How to Increase DA PA Blog score

How to Increase DA PA Blog score - Google has officially announced that the scoring for PageRank is no longer updated, meaning that the Google search algorithm has removed the PageRank criteria from the 200 SEO factors used to rank a blog in search engines, although some users still think that a former high PR blog must be good in the SERP.

The PageRank criteria as an assessment of a website have been replaced with DA and PA, for those who are still newbies, I will explain what DA PA is and how to increase its score with some easy tips that become MOZ indicators in scoring

DA PA is an indicator used by MOZ to assess the quality of a website, if majestic they use CF TF so a high score is not an absolute measure that the blog is considered good by Google

Understanding DA Domain Authority

Domain authority is a reference used to assess how strong the position of the domain is from time to time. This DA is only available for blogs with TLD level (own domain) while if you are still using a subdomain the DA value follows the platform score used, for example blog spot, WordPress, log down

For example, my blog whose domain is only 1 month old has a score of 2/6, meaning that from a maximum score of 100 my blog only gets a score of 6 but if you use a subdomain like blog spot which is very old, the score is around 93/100

Because this DA indicator is considered important in search engine algorithms, most website owners are competing to raise the score as high as possible, if in the past the value for page rank was between 1-10, now the domain authority value is between 1-100

Generally when you use a blogspot suddomain the DA value will be high but if you install your own domain the DA value will decrease starting from the initial position 1

There are 3 main criteria that are used as a reference in giving the DA score, namely:

1. Domain age

Because domain age is the main factor in giving the DA score, you have to be patient if your blog's domain age is still relatively new, it's different if you use subdomains such as blogspot and wordpress the domain score is the same, meaning that the website owner cannot try to increase it

2. Domain popularity

In determining the popularity of a domain, a backlink indicator is used that links directly to the website, so if you want to increase your DA score, please look for quality backlinks as much as possible but remember to avoid using spam-type backlinks. 

Because spam-type backlinks are permanently attached to the blog's domain and cannot be removed by the blog owner other than asking the backlink source link to delete the url or being forced to use google disavow backlinks.

3. Number of posts

To measure the credibility of a blog, it is usually used as a benchmark for the number of posts / frequency of updates or more precisely the number of index articles in search engines such as Google, meaning that the more articles you create and are useful for readers then they will share them again will affect the reputation of the blog in search engines. This link will affect the DA score

Understanding Page Authority PA

How to Increase DA PA Blog score

Page Authority is a scoring that is assessed directly by comparing the views of blog pages at one time, the PA value is more important than DA because it is influenced by page views seen by readers. From this it is concluded that PA really depends on how the website owner optimizes Onpage SEO to attract visitors while making them last long enough on the page.

PA assessment has a scale between 1-100 so the greater the PA value, the greater the chance for a blog to win the competition in the Google search engine. The DA value can indeed be manipulated but the PA value is highly dependent on the added value of frequently visited pages

Google uses human behavior in determining search results, if there are many interactions on a page, it is enough to give a signal that the post is relevant and deserves to be considered for its position in the SERP.

As a light example, wikipedia has a number of articles about 5 million, the last I read, with a PA value of 96 and a DA value of 100, it's only natural if we often see the wikipedia site on the google search page with the top position

How to increase blog PA value

Google's algorithm always changes from time to time, even Google is never open in providing explanations about the algorithm that has just been updated, they only often say that maybe it has an effect

According to some SEO experts who have tested for quite a long time there are 3 important factors that affect PA scores including:

1. Original content

Content is king, for years Google has been working on its algorithm to fight blogs with spam labels so they don't sit on the first page of Google, even though until now it still can't be said to be perfect (Shared sites still often appear on Page One)

Google also often hides a page that is considered plagiarism, although until now the problem of duplicate content has not been found a solution because several large blogs often take articles from medium blogs and beat them by a landslide in the SERPs.

The point is that Google likes fresh and original content, search engines tend to rank sites higher based on:

  • Quality and original content
  • Sites with a good frequency of updates
  • Relevant keywords
  • Human friendly article

2. Quality backlinks

Having quality backlinks is not an easy matter, even if you stop buying backlinks (paid links) some blogs with low reputations try to republish your content every time with or without including links

Another factor related to backlinks is internal links and external links, try every article created to provide internal links to other pages that are considered interconnected.

Avoid excessive use of external links, if you are forced to include outgoing links, you can write them directly in text form or make a link with a nofollow label

3. Pictures and videos

Another element that can be added to articles is images and videos, text is not the only important factor for SEO considering that Google itself has searches based on images and videos.

It's a good idea to give every image in the post always include a description in the form of ALt + Tag while for videos you can upload it on YouTube and then link it directly to the blog

How to check DA PA blog?

How to Increase DA PA Blog score

There are many checker sites that you can use as a reference to check your DA PA score. The most recommended blog used as a benchmark by seo experts is moz, this site provides a 30 day membership trial.

That's a post about the meaning of DA PA on a blog and how to increase it, hopefully it will be useful, this value will actually change every month depending on the assessment indicators for a website, so try to increase it slowly

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