Why Google Ads Digital Marketing Is More Effective, Is This The Reason?

Digital Marketing Google Ads

Digital Marketing Google AdsWhat exactly is Google Ads? Do you know why Google Ads is effective in digital marketing strategy?

In the process of realizing business goals in the digital marketing era, every marketer tries to use various ways to bring in a flow of visitors (traffic) to a website or landing page belonging to a brand or business. Of course, in implementing this digital marketing strategy, it must be supported by the use of special platforms or certain devices, which can support digital marketing activities.

One of the tools that marketers can try and have often used in optimizing websites, apart from using SEO, is Google Ads. Have you heard of Google Ads?

Get to Know Google Ads Closer

Digital Marketing Google Ads

Before you invest money in Google Ads advertising, it would be nice to know first what Google Ads is. Google Ads is an online advertising program provided by Google to help anyone serve ads online in order to reach the right people.

The purpose of serving these ads, of course, is to attract people's attention so that they will buy and use the products and services that you offer. That said, Google Ads, which was formerly known as Google AdWords, is one of the digital marketing tools developed in order to help you promote products and services effectively and can bring in high enough traffic conversions to create sales or sales.

Google processes hundreds of millions of searches for certain keywords every day. This is a great opportunity to create compelling ads that can reach people who are searching for keywords that are most likely to be associated with your business.

By using this Google ad, you will be greatly helped in promoting your products or services in an easier way. But keep in mind, Google still takes into account the quality score and the relevance of your website to the targeted keywords. So don't expect ads to be successful when for example advertising clothing products, but your website contains various information about motorcycle spare parts. It's very free.

Google Ads also has an important role in helping to increase online traffic, web traffic, brand awareness or awareness of your business brand, and can create maximum sales with a large Return Of Investment (ROI), if you do better optimization on the website.

Why Google Ads is Effective in Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Google Ads

Please note, Google Ads does not only display ads on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), but also displays ads on YouTube, applications on the Playstore and other platforms or media affiliated with Google. This is because Google ads have 5 different formats, ranging from search ads, image ads, app ads, video ads, and shopping ads.

Using Google Ads can be a shortcut for your website to be able to perch on page one of Google without having to wait long. You no longer need to be preoccupied with continuously optimizing certain keywords, spending a lot of time creating pillar content, you don't even have to wait for organic backlinks to grow.

Although using Google Ads can be the most effective online marketing strategy, you still have to go through a trial and error stage. You must also dare to do various experiments and tricks so that the results of the advertising you do using Google Ads can be as expected. In addition, you need to learn the most appropriate and efficient way to use Google Ads so that the cost of advertising does not consume the available promotional funds.

To be able to learn Google Ads, you can do it self-taught through various educational websites or tutorial blogs on the internet. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you...

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