11 Recommended Best Video Editing Applications For Android Phones

best video editing applications for Android phones

The best video editing applications for Android phones - There are several video editing applications that can now be used. It's also not complicated to open a computer to change videos, because some of the applications on mobile phones also have quite complete features, in fact, some of these editing applications have Android applications to clarify videos.

So you can directly change the video from the cellphone immediately after being taken. Besides that, after editing, the video can also be directly uploaded to social media.

11 Best Video Editing Apps for Android Phones

You can find these video editing programs on the PlayStore and AppStore, and the good news is that some of them don't have a watermark. Well, summarized from several sources, here are the recommendations for the best video editing applications for Android phones that are easy to use.

1. VivaVideo

The first recommended video editing application for Android is VivaVideoe. VivaVideo Free Video Editor as one of the best video editing applications today for Android.

Viva Video is a video editing application that is often used to convert videos. Which is further shared to social media sites like Tiktok and instagram.

This application was created by QuVideo and has become one of the best video editing applications that is quite popular this year. VivaVideo is often said to be the best video editing app on Android.

There are several features that exist in the application. For example, trim videos to be shorter, merge videos, slow down to speed up video images. There's also the unification of photos into videos, and features include text, music, and filters.

Viva Video developed its Lite application with a small capacity size so as to provide support for users with small RAM capabilities, named Viva Video Lite. You can also change the video without worrying that a watermark will appear in the video's appearance.

If you are interested in installing it, please go directly to the Playstore, or Appstore, or you can directly click here

2. KineMaster - Pro Video Editor

The next suggestion for a recommended video editing application is KineMaster - Pro Video Editor. This application is very popular among beginners because this application is very easy to use.

This application brings a professional feel to video editing. KineMaster has a fairly simple interface even for those who are just starting to learn to edit videos on a cellphone, and has several complete and easy-to-use features. KineMaster has great editing features and makes editing even better.

There are several effects that can be used to change videos in Kinemaster. KineMaster brings features for switching, filters, themes, captions, and template editing. Users can also import videos from other media.

To have it for free, please go directly to the Playstore, or click here

3. Quik - Free Video Editor

Quik - Free Video Editor is the next recommended video editing application. This application was launched by GoPro in 2016. Quick has features and tools that can be downloaded for free. The Quik app brings a watermark on the edited video. But users can also delete it themselves for free.

To install it on friends' cellphones, you can directly click here

4. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is included in the recommended video editing application without a watermark. This application comes with a feature without a watermark, so the videos that are made are not disturbed because there is a watermark. Besides, there are no annoying ads during the editing process.

It's a legit application from Adobe that focuses on professional editing. Adobe Premiere Rush cannot be compared with Adobe Premiere, but comes with a simpler design and features.

This application is equipped with features such as combining videos, transitions, effects, music, video appearance settings, to slow motion. Besides, video results from Adobe Premiere Rush can be imported into Premiere Pro CC software.

There is also a camera feature that can be used to record video with the best quality. From the results of editing in this application, it can also be directly shared to various social media.

To install on your Android, you can click here

5. VN Video Editor Maker - VlogNow

The next recommended video editor application is VN Video Editor Maker. An application with a professional and powerful interface, but still friendly to use for those who are just starting out. There are some basic correction features, there is also an elastic arrangement such as color grading.

Please click here to have it

6. InShot

Recommendations for android video editing applications also fall on InShot. InShot can also be an option for video editing applications that you can use on your cellphone. The InShot has an easy-to-wear appearance. Although sometimes there are ads that interfere with the editing process.

Inshot can be used to convert and merge and trim videos. Besides that, there are also editing features such as adding text, stickers, and video blur.

When the editing process is complete, you can immediately share the video to various social media such as Instagram, TikTok, and various other social media.

install the app by clicking here

7. FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor

Recommended video editing applications on cellphones also include FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor. The application has a simple appearance and is easy to use. There is a video cut feature, unite videos, filters, transition effects, music and text.

With this application, you can also set the appearance size of the video, which can then be equated with the needs of social media where you want to share the results of the video.

There are free templates in this application that you can use. However, to use the features in this application you must subscribe.

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8. Video Show - Video Editor

Video Show - Video Editor is a recommendation for the best video editing application for Android that you can use to convert various videos.

The app offers free objects that you can use to convert videos.

Video Show is an application released by EnjoyMobi. There are features for editing, and you can add effects or filters, stickers, and objects. This application can also be used as a medium to compress videos from large to small sizes without reducing video quality.

To install it, click here

9. VidTrim

The next recommended video editing application is VidTrim. VidTrim can be used to merge and trim videos. Besides, it can convert MP4 video files to MP3, and take pictures at certain frames.

The app can be downloaded here

10. Magisto

Another recommended video editor application is Magisto. Magisto can analyze videos and choose the right part for video editing. In addition, this application can be used easily for several users.

Install the app by clicking here

11. PowerDirector

The last recommended video editing application without a watermark is PowerDirector. The advantage that PowerDirector has is that there is no watermark in its video editing results. Its simple appearance makes it easy for users to change videos using this application.

The features that are sold are also quite complete, there are many effects that can be used to change videos.

This application allows you to produce 4K video quality. you make 4K videos with higher quality images. This application can also be an option when you want to make slow motion videos. The storage capacity is also small so it is not so burdensome for cellphones.

To have this application, please click here

So, that's a list of video editing applications that can help your videos become content of great value and most importantly, give good effects to your video viewers.