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13 How to Increase Blog Visitors, Here's How

How to increase blog visitors

How to increase blog visitors - After you create a blog and publish many articles on your blog, of course you need a lot of organic visitors on your blog so that your blog not lonely. This of course becomes a heavy thing because we definitely want to show our writing to the world.

Blogs that are crowded with visitors are the dream of bloggers to earn money. Meanwhile, one of the benefits of blogs for online businesses is that they can increase sales.

So, let's give you a little spoiler. Actually, how to increase blog visitors is not too difficult. In essence, you just need to optimize the blog so that it can be found by many people. Whether it's on Google search, social media, or otherwise.

But how? Relax, we will explain in detail one by one in this article. Immediately, let's see the discussion.

How to Increase Blog Visitors, Read More

there are at least 13 ways to increase blog visitors that you can try the following:

1. Do Keyword Research for Blog Articles

Keyword Research for Blog Articles

Previously, you can try to check again whether your previous article has been written with potential topics and keywords? Or maybe you are still making articles from personal ideas?

If so, from now onwards you should do keyword research to write articles.

From keyword research, you can get keywords that many people may be searching for or their search volume. So, your blog can appear on the top page of search engines.

Well, if it manages to appear in the top position of Google, the blog will be visited by many visitors. Evidently, a website ranked 1 on Google will get 33 percent of traffic. While ranking 2 and so on, it's not up to 20 percent.

To do proper keyword research, you need to pay attention to its search volume, difficulty level, keyword suggestions and SERP. You can do all these steps easily through the available keyword tools, such as Ubersuggest, Google Trends, Ahrefs, and many more.

2. Create Quality Content

Create Quality Content

Maybe you are wondering, what kind of quality content? To increase blog visitors, of course, you need articles that are complete and can answer the questions of searchers.

For example, you will write an article “how to create a blog”. You need to fully discuss the steps to create a blog. Research first in search results on the first page with similar topics. Then, write a better article.

Anyway, one more thing, it turns out that the length of the published article can also be a ranking determinant, you know. If the number of words in your previous article was only around 300 words, you should increase the quantity again.

Because, according to Backlinko, the length of blog articles that appear on the first page of Google opens an average of 1447 words.

Even so, keep it adjusted to the topic of the article you created, yes. For example, if you make a tutorial article on installing an application that is only 700 words long. Your article can still appear on the first page, as long as the article is complete and better than competitors.

3. Create a Unique Article Title

The content is of high quality, but the title of the content is not interesting, it's just a lie ~

You see, 8 out of 10 people claim to have read the title before clicking an article in search results. That means, the title of your article is an important element that people will see first. Therefore, you need to create an interesting article title.

Here are some tips to get people to notice:

Use numbers in the title of the listicle type article. For example: 10 Ways to Get Money from the Internet, Guaranteed Effective.

Use strong adjectives, for example powerful, accurate, effective, complete, and the like. Example title: Tips for a Healthy Diet Line (Proven Effective) !

Don't be too long. Make the title about 60 words so it doesn't get truncated on search pages.

Those were some tips for making a unique title. The point is to adjust it to the content, yes. Don't try clickbait. Because, it will only make your blog decline. The effect is that your blog's ranking also goes down.

4.Do Newsjacking

Newsjacking is a technique of using an issue or news that is going viral to attract audience interest. However, in this technique, you also insert personal ideas or opinions.

For example, your blog's niche is about film and drama reviews. When Parasite Film is booming because it won a prestigious award, you can give your personal opinion about the film.

By taking advantage of the viral film Parasite, your blog can also be popular because many people will look for a review or synopsis of the film, before watching it.

This also applies to the YouTube channel. One that has done this technique is the Insider channel. By taking advantage of the viral film Parasite, this video managed to get more than 4 million views.

The key, you need to keep updating with the news that is going viral. Don't forget to also provide your best analysis and opinion.

5. Use Internal Link Strategy

Internal linking is one of the SEO strategies by linking article links from your blog.

Internal linking aims to create a blog structure that is easier to reach by Google. In addition, you will also make it easier for blog visitors to get other desired information.

Well, there are several ways to link links in your articles. Can directly insert a link in the relevant text.

Example: (Also Read: How to create a blog/insert internal link into "how to create a blog" )

So, to say the least, these internal links allow you to direct traffic from content that is crowded to less visited. Very profitable isn't it?

6.Do Link Building

The next way to increase blog visitors is to do link building. In simple terms, link building is an activity to get links from other websites that point to your website. This type of link from outside the website is also called a backlink.

However, looking for backlinks should not be original. You have to look for quality backlinks and have enough quality traffic. Why?

Because, the more backlinks from a good website, Google will judge your blog quality. That is, your blog becomes a reference for other websites. As a result, Google will prioritize your blog appearing on the first page of Google.

Well, here are some ways to get quality backlinks:

  • Choose a website that is still relevant to your blog.
  • Look for high traffic.
  • High domain authority.
  • Have a good track record of outbound links.

7. Share Content on Social Media

In addition to trying to get a lot of visitors on Google, also try the potential traffic from social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Again, the number of Facebook and Instagram users in Indonesia ranks 4th in the world. Approximately if in total there are more than 170 million active users. Wow.. that's a fantastic number, isn't it?

Anyway, how to share the content, don't just copy and paste the link. We recommend that you create a summary of the articles on your blog to share on social media. If needed, you can create infographics to make your posts more interesting.

This method is also done by to get awareness and traffic from social media.

With this infographic design, it is easy for the audience to read your blog articles and deliver them to your blog.

8. Active in Facebook Community

Apart from promoting articles on your own social media accounts, you can also share articles in Facebook groups or communities.

For example, your blog niche is about technology and programming. You can join a coding community, such as the following PHP Community.

However, you need to be careful when promoting a community. Because, Facebook has a fairly strict filter system. If you blatantly force community members to interact with your content, you may be branded as spam.

For that, don't just share the link in the group. Try to be active in the community first by answering questions from group members. That way, you will be recognized as an expert and trusted by group members.

So, for example, you submit an article, their chances of visiting your blog are greater.

Besides joining the Facebook community, you can also create your own Facebook group. To make your group lively, you can promote in other groups to join your group to get free ebooks or other quality content.

9. Active on Q&A Sites

Active on Quora

If you have previously been active in forums or communities, how to increase your next blog visitors you can also find traffic opportunities from question and answer sites. For example, Brainly and Quora.

The key, if you have a question that you can answer with the content you have, just provide the link there. So you need to actively check if there are any questions you can answer and promote content.

Don't forget to provide answers and content that answers yes. That way, you can be considered an expert in the field according to your blog niche. So, you also get more customers.

10. Spread Through Email Marketing

Optimization in Google search, already. Through social media too. There's nothing wrong with trying to spread it via email marketing as an additional source of traffic. In fact, this strategy is believed to be 40 times more effective than using social media.

 Anyway, before sending email marketing, make sure you have built an email list or have an email list of blog visitors. To get the email list, you need to create a subscription form.

No need to create long forms, just register your name and email fields to subscribe. That way loyal readers on your blog will be more active, and this will increase your blog visitors.

Well, if you already have an email list, you can create an email marketing design and send it out starting using email marketing tools like Mailchimp.

11. Do Blogwalking

The next way to increase blog visitors is to do blogwalking. As the name suggests, blogwalking is the activity of visiting other blogs with a specific purpose.

There are many benefits of doing blogwalking, such as building a network, getting content ideas, evaluation materials, and most importantly to promote your blog.

Well, to do blogwalking, you can try to find blogs with the same niche as you. For example, your blog niche is parenting, look for bloggers with parenting niches as well.

Then, you can comment on the content on the blog. Eits, but don't comment on "good, bund" or "interesting article". As much as possible give appreciation to the interesting points in the article. So that your comments can be responded to by the blog owner or other visitors.

From there, you can establish good communication with other bloggers. From here, you can work together to promote your blog.

12. Website Speed ​​Optimization

Website Speed ​​Optimization

Who likes to wait. Including waiting for the blog to load, yes. In fact, 53 percent of people will leave a blog that takes longer than three seconds to load. Yep, three seconds!

To find out how fast your blog loads, you can use a tool like Google Page Speed ​​Insight. There you will find out how fast and factors slow loading your blog.

Well, to speed up blog loading, there are several powerful ways that you need to apply:
  • Image Optimization – Too many image uploads can make the website load slow. Especially if it's large. For that, make sure the image has been compressed first. As much as possible compress the image to under 100kb.
  • Remove unused plugins – Installing too many plugins can cause slow loading of the blog. We recommend that you remove inactive and non-essential plugins.
  • Limit the number of posts on the main blog page – Set the number of posts displayed on the main page to speed up loading by clicking Settings > Reading . Then enter the number of posts on Blog pages show at most and click Save.
  • Update WordPress – updating WordPress can actually improve blog performance. For that, make sure you always update to the latest version.
  • Use Quality Web Hosting Servers – The quality of the servers used can greatly affect the performance of the blog. Make sure you choose hosting with LiteSpeed ​​web server which is believed to be the fastest server. You can use hosting from Exabytes that already uses LiteSpeed.

13. Make sure the blog is mobile friendly

It is possible that you are currently reading this article on your cell phone. Well .. because now anything that is often done via mobile devices. Evidently, 52 percent of website traffic comes from mobile phones.

You can first check how responsive the blog is using the Mobile-Friendly Test site from Google. There you can find information and issues encountered when loading the page.

If you want to maximize your traffic potential, you need to create a blog that is mobile friendly. If you're using a WordPress CMS, there are hundreds of mobile-friendly templates available for creating responsive blogs.

So that's how to increase blog visitors that you can practice on your blog. Hopefully this article on how to increase blog visitors can be useful for all of you.

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