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16 How to Increase Blog Visitors

Ways to Increase Blog Visitors

Ways to Increase Blog Visitors The presence of visitors or visitors is very valuable for a Blogger. A managed blog will be meaningless if it does not have visitors.

Actually, if you think smart, there are many ways to increase blog traffic, from free to paid, we can do it. Who doesn't want their blog to be full of visitors like a night market?

Even though you blog just for fun, if your blog is flooded with visitors, you will definitely be happy.

Yes, right?

Especially for those who want to make money from blogs, increasing blog visitors is a must. The more visitors to the blog, of course, the more money you can make.

The only question is, how do you actually increase blog visitors?

This question is one of the most frequently asked questions I get. Whether it's in email, in blog comments, on Facebook, anywhere.

Well in this post I will try to answer these questions according to what I know and I believe.

Ok, let's get straight to it.

Why is my blog empty of visitors?

Before I give tips to increase blog visitors, it never hurts to start by finding out what might be the cause of why your blog is empty of visitors.

Based on my experience, here are some things that I think are often a barrier for a blog to be able to get a lot of visitors:

1. I just learned blogging yesterday afternoon

The most obvious reason is because I'm just learning to blog and don't have much experience with blogging.

Creating a blog is easy, anyone can do it, but to create a blog so that it can be popular and get lots of visitors is not an easy thing.

If you feel you are just learning to blog, then you don't need to be confused or worried if your blog is still empty of visitors. This is very reasonable because everything takes time and process.

But if you've been blogging for a long time and your blog is still empty of visitors, then there's probably something wrong with the way you're blogging. The solution please can continue reading.

2. Hope visitors will come alone

You must have heard of a blogger who gave advice like this:

Just be diligent in updating, later visitors will come alone

Actually there is nothing wrong with this advice, I just think it's inaccurate and can be misleading.


If you blogged 10 years ago, maybe this method is still effective because there weren't so many bloggers before. In addition, blogs that are diligently updated tend to get good rankings on Google.

But what about now? just diligently updating capital will not be enough. There are many other things that need to be considered, one of which is doing blog promotions in the right way.

3. Mediocre content

One of the keys to the success of a blog is the quality of the content in it. If you want to get a lot of visitors, then pay attention to the quality of the content on your blog.

Especially if your blog discusses a topic that is already very crowded by competition, if the content on your blog is mediocre, then in the end it will only sink in the midst of intense competition.

If you feel that there is still a lot of content on your blog that needs to be improved, then focus on improving the content to make it even better, don't think too much about how to make your blog flooded with visitors.

4. Assuming all blogs are the same

In my post about how to make money from a blog, I explained that there are many types of blogs. Yups, not all blogs are the same, ranging from goals, topics, target visitors, and others vary from one blog to another.

Now because every blog is different, the promotion strategy is also different. Some are effective using this method, some are effective using that method, and so on.

If you want your blog to get lots of visitors, then you have to understand these differences, the reason is so you can find the right promotion strategy for your own blog.

5. Some other causes

In addition to some of the things above, there are many other things that might be the cause of why the blog is empty of visitors. One of them is technical problems such as messy blog design and also loading blogs that are super heavy.

But the 4 things I have described above in my opinion are the most important.

How to increase blog visitors

How to increase blog visitors

So now the part that you are waiting for, namely tips that can be done to increase your blog visitors.

Some of the tips that I will give below I have implemented on my own blog, but some have not or I have not applied.

Please just take a look...

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Doing search engine optimization or SEO is the most popular way to increase blog visitors that almost all bloggers do

How come?

Because search engines are the biggest source of blog traffic on the internet. In addition, SEO is suitable for all types of blogs. Whether it's a niche blog, a micro nice blog, a hodgepodge blog, a news blog, a business blog, a personal blog, any blog.

But even so I don't know why there are some bloggers who think SEO is not important and just a waste of time.

SEO is important bro….!!!

It's just that learning SEO is not easy because SEO always changes from time to time. It takes persistence, patience, and an unyielding spirit to master SEO.

But… do you have to be an SEO expert to get visitors from search engines?


This is what sometimes many bloggers misunderstand, especially beginner bloggers. To be able to get visitors from search engines, you don't have to be an SEO expert, SEO expert, SEO master, or whatever. Enough with basic SEO techniques is enough to help your blog get visitors from search engines.

One of the example is:

  • Do keyword research before posting.
  • Create posts for Google to like.
  • In addition, avoid SEO mistakes that beginners often make.

2. Promotion through Social Media

Many already know that social media is the second largest source of traffic after search engines, but not a few also often complain like this:

Bro, I've shared the link on my Facebook status but how come no visitors stop by?

Bro, I've spread the link in the Facebook group but how come the blog is still quiet?

Just like SEO, promotion through social media also has knowledge, it's not as easy as spreading links via status and the blog is immediately flooded with visitors.

Here I will not give in detail about how to effectively promote through social media, but there are some important principles that you need to know if you want to promote your blog through social media.

Just be active on one social media

Choose social media that you personally like, or adjust to the target audience of your blog. If the target audience is more active on Twitter, then be active on Twitter.

Use social media according to its name

Do not use social media solely to promote your blog, because I am sure that this method will not be effective. Use social media as the name implies, namely for social activities.

Build readers first, then promote

This means, first increase the number of friends or followers of your social media account, then do promotions.

3. Commenting on other people's blogs (blogwalking)

Commenting on other people's blogs is arguably the easiest way to increase blog visitors. Almost all bloggers must have done it. I used to be too.

Although this method will not be able to make your blog immediately crowded like a market, but in my opinion it is quite important, especially for beginner bloggers.

I still remember very well when this blog got comments from visitors for the first time, now I got those visitors from comments on other people's blogs.

It was from the first comment that made me excited and finally able to consistently blog until now.

4. Free distribution

Everyone likes freebies, including me. Because of this, free sharing on blogs can be an effective way to increase blog visitors.

I have applied this method since the beginning of this blog I created. Some of my friends must already know that I share Free Blogger Templates and also free Zombie Blogs.

Of course, there are many other things that can be shared for free on blogs besides blogger templates and zombie blogs.

  • Ebook
  • Software
  • Audio
  • Videos
  • Photo
  • Image Design
  • And various

5. Care about visitors

This is also one of the things I've been doing since I first started this blog, which is caring about visitors.

Examples of such concern can be replying to visitor comments, replying to emails from visitors, and also giving away freebies as I have explained in point number 4.

No matter how little your current blog visitors are, if you care about visitors, it's not impossible that these few visitors can be a gateway for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of other visitors.

6. Write on other people's blogs

Although I've never used this method, writing on other people's blogs or guest postings is a pretty effective way to attract readers, especially if your blog is new.

Maybe you are wondering:

If you can write on your own blog, why should you write on someone else's blog?

Because no matter how cool or how handsome the content on your blog is, if your blog is new, chances are no one will read it.

Now if you write quality content on other people's blogs that already have a lot of readers, then you can attract the attention of those blog readers to visit your new blog. And finally you get a free reader.

In addition to attracting readers, guest posting is also well known as a great strategy to get quality backlinks for free. Anyway, very good.

7. Active in the forum

Forums can also be a great place to attract visitors. But of course the promotion of blogs in forums should not be arbitrary.

Look for forums that match the topic of your blog and be active in them by answering questions or creating useful threads.

8. Active on the Q&A site

Question and answer sites are actually almost no different from forums, only this site is more focused as a place to ask questions to each other.

You can be active on sites like this by answering questions, of course, while including your blog's address if needed.

Some popular Q&A sites are:
  • Yahoo! Answer
  • Quora
  • etc.

9. Submit articles on social bookmarking sites

Besides being famous as a way to get free backlinks, social bookmarking sites can also be used as a source to get visitors.

not a few tablets bloggers who get thousands of visitors per day just by relying on social bookmarking sites.

10. Upload videos on Youtube

Youtube is the third most visited website in the world behind Google and Facebook. This certainly makes YouTube one of the other sources that is no less cool to get blog visitors.

You can upload videos on YouTube about things related to the topic on your blog.

11. Create a "tempting" post title

Post title is the first part that is read by blog visitors. If the title of the post is unattractive and seems boring, it is likely that visitors to the blog will run away before reading the post.

In addition, the title of the post that is "tempting" can also make people who previously didn't intend to read it to be curious because they see the title that is so "tempting".

12. Make posts that are HOT

HOT I don't mean that HOT, but I mean writing a trending post topic.

For a way to find out what topics are trending, you can watch Google Trends.

13. Make controversial posts

This method can be very effective to invite a lot of visitors because controversial posts are very easy to spread, especially with the help of social media. But this method is also quite risky.

If you want to use this method, you must really understand what you are writing and be prepared for the negative effects (getting a lot of haters).

14. Placing PPC ads

It seems that there are rarely bloggers who promote blogs by placing PPC ads, the reason is definitely because they have to spend capital.

But if you have a lot of money, it doesn't hurt to put PCC ads.

In this case, you can use a service from Google called Google AdWords.

15. Advertise on other people's blogs

Or if you don't want to be complicated, you can also place ads directly on other people's blogs or websites.

Try the blog that you advertise on has the same topic or at least is related.

16. Put the blog address on the shirt

A slightly unusual way is to put the blog address on the shirt, then wear the shirt in a crowded place so that many people see it.

In addition to the ways that I have described at length above, there are tens, hundreds, or even thousands of other ways that can be done to increase blog visitors.


After reading the post above, maybe now my friend is confused:

Which one should I do?

If my friend is just learning to blog, then I recommend using the method that according to my friend is the easiest first. So, if you have had enough experience with a new blog, try a slightly more difficult method.

So that's 16 ways to increase blog visitors that we can share with all of you. Hopefully this short article can be useful for all of you.

( Rahani )

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