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10 Majors That Can Work in Banks, Students Must Know!

Majors That Can Work in Banks

Majors That Can Work in Banks - Many people don't know and think that working in a bank is only for graduate students who come from majoring in accounting, management, banking, or other majors that have a special correlation in calculating numbers and money.

But in fact, there are many bank employees who come from other majors who do not have the slightest correlation with the bank. Being a bank employee is a profession that does not look at majors, and often this job is the target of fresh graduates or students who have just graduated.

If you are interested in working in a bank, then you should choose a major that can work in a bank because not all college majors can be accepted for work at a bank. However, do you know what majors can work in a bank? If you don't know, take a look at the following review.

1. Management Department

The first major that can work in a bank is management. Management majors have wide job opportunities, such as in companies and banks. Well, one of the concentrations of management majors that requires knowledge in banks is financial management.

Financial management concentration is the study of financial analysis and processing techniques. So, this science is very compatible with banking. Well, for those of you who want to work in a bank after graduating from college, then choose a management major.

Management graduates will be accepted in positions related to management science, such as marketing, SPPUR, enabler, payment systems and rupiah money management, financial system stability, and so on.

2. Law Department

Ordinary people may not know that a major in law is one of the majors that can work in a bank. One example of a position in a bank that law graduates can apply for is the enabler position.

The position of this enabler is not only limited to one field, but also enters the realm of risk and general auditors, legal auditors, and organizational support. Therefore, many banks in Indonesia will require graduates majoring in law.

3. Psychology Department

Psychology is a science that studies human behavior, so the psychology major is also one that allows graduates to work in banks.

This department is also no less interested in the department of management. Especially, because now many people are starting to realize the importance of mental health.

One of the advantages of majoring in psychology is that it is widely needed in large companies, such as state-owned enterprises, private governments, and banks. In general, graduates majoring in psychology can work in banks in personnel positions.

Personnel is a position where the task is to help manage human resources. In addition, graduates majoring in psychology also usually have a strong assessment function, making them suitable to be placed in the personnel department.

4. Department of International Relations

In addition to psychology majors, majors that can work in banks are international relations (IR). In general, IR graduates apply for a job in a bank for the monetary department.

The monetary department is the person who is responsible for macro and micro economic conditions internationally, so it is very much needed.

5. Statistics

For those of you who like and have good analytical skills, and want to join the banking sector, one of the majors that you can use is the statistics department. The Department of Statistics is one of the majors in charge of analyzing data.

Why is the statistical analysis major included in one of the majors that can work in a bank? This is because in its activities, a bank will require a lot of analytical activities.

One of the most widely carried out analytical activities is loan approval analysis. This causes the field of statistics to be very suitable and widely chosen by companies in terms of banking.

6. Office administration

Another major option that can help you get into the banking sector is office administration. The Office Administration Department is a major that can help you become an expert in administrative matters.

For those of you who have a high level of accuracy, this major can be one of the most appropriate major choices. Because you can be an expert in managing administrative data needed by the bank.

7. Banking

The banking department is one of the most suitable majors for those of you who want to become bank employees. This major is one of the most recommended majors because of course it will get its own value at the bank that you want to register.

Actually, majors that can work in this bank are quite easy to find. If you are having trouble finding which banking major is the most suitable for you, you might be able to find some recommendations for interesting banking schools abroad.

Abroad, there are also many banking schools that produce many successful graduates and are needed in the market. Therefore, don't hesitate to take this major, because apart from being able to work in Indonesia, you can also work at foreign banks that are more classy.

8. Information technology

Another major that has attracted the attention of banking companies is the Department of Informatics Engineering. The Department of Informatics Engineering is a major that is in great demand by today's companies. This is because children who come from Informatics Engineering tend to be considered more master of technology which is currently developing rapidly.

As a child of information technology, usually you will be responsible for the development of applications and also digital products which are currently being widely made by national banks. However, it is possible that you can also enter the back office that is not related to technology at all, you know!

It's just that when you are going to apply to the Informatics Engineering major, one of the capitals that you must have is the ability to think analytically and logically. You will be asked to study and work systematically. This is also one of the reasons why Information Technology is needed in the banking sector.

9. Economics

The major that is no less important and must be recommended for those of you who want to work in the banking sector is the major in economics. An economics major will be needed to conduct market analysis.

This department will usually be tasked with developing which products are suitable and profitable for the company as well as analyzing domestic and foreign political conditions.

10. Accounting major

The last major that we would recommend if you want to get into a banking company more easily is accounting. Of course, there is no need to ask again, why do we highly recommend this major, right?

Of course, the accounting major is closely related to finance and banking. This is what causes their energy is not appreciated in the financial sector such as the banking sector.

Tips for Getting Accepted to Work at a Bank

Tips for Getting Accepted to Work at a Bank

After knowing what college majors can work in a bank, then students can find out what are the tips to be accepted to work at a bank. Please note that to be accepted to work in this bank is not easy. For this reason, here are some tips to get accepted to work at a bank.

1. Forming a Good Personality

One of the tips that are worth trying when fresh graduates who want to register at the bank is to form a good personality. Working in a bank, which is a service sector, is closely related to the community, so you must have a good personality. Try to work at the bank, students have a high level of patience and smile.

In addition, working in a bank must be careful and thorough. If there is a slight error, it is not uncommon for superiors to reprimand employees who are not careful. Usually people who are very thorough and careful are able to survive in working at the bank. Therefore, to be able to work in a bank, you must be patient, smiley, and thorough.

2. Look Attractive

Several companies in Indonesia apply attractive appearance standards in every job vacancy. Still related to the points above where this bank is dealing with the public, for that bank employees are required to look attractive. With an attractive appearance, many people will certainly be interested.

Not only when working at a bank, but also when applying for a job at a bank. Try to dress neatly when conducting interviews with human resources development ( HRD ). Wear perfume that is not excessive and wear appropriate shoes. The goal, of course, is for HRD to be interested in recruiting prospective employees who are considered attractive.

3. Get to know the product from the bank you want to apply for

For students who want to apply for a job at a bank, try to know what products from the bank you want to apply for. Look for as much information as possible about a bank because later the bank will ask what products the bank has. The advantages and disadvantages of the bank will also be asked during the interview.

By getting to know the bank's products thoroughly, it is likely that students will be accepted to work at the bank. Don't forget to answer the motivation for joining the bank. Answer these questions fairly and honestly.

One of the factors that make prospective employees acceptable is the honesty of the answers given during the interview.

4. Answering Salary With Reasonable Reason

One of the most sensitive things when interviewing is being asked about salary. This must be clarified during the interview. Try to answer the salary amount steadily and with reasonable reasons. With it, students who enroll in a bank have the opportunity to work in a bank.

5. Make an Attractive Cover Letter

It's not enough to just interview, don't forget the cover letter which must be made attractively. This application letter must be made attractively and able to make HRD interested in the application sent. In addition, don't make a CV that is too fancy, try to make a CV that describes the job applicant.

Working in a bank is everyone's dream. The promised salary is very large so many people are interested in working in the bank. However, before working in a bank, many people suggested going to college. Therefore, know what college majors can work in a bank so that later you don't make the wrong major.

In fact, there are many majors that allow you to work in the banking world. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.


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