How to Use Google Matched Content to Show Related Posts in Blog

How to Use Google Matched Content to Show Related Posts in Blog

How to Get Matched Content Google Adsense Ads

How to Get Matched Content Google Adsense AdsThis time I will share tips on how to  get matched content google adsense Ads . Earning millions to billions of  from Google Adsense is one of the dreams of every blogger in Indonesia and myself included. 

However, to get a large income of course also accompanied by hard work and great sacrifice as well. Starting from building a blog, registering a blog with Google Adsense to tricks to increase revenue from Google Adsense

And all these processes will definitely be experienced by every Google Adsense publisher around the world, more specifically in Indonesia. 

Then, what is matched content? What are the benefits? and how to get it? Just take a look at the discussion below.

What are Matched Content Ads?

Matched content is one of the advertising features of Google AdSense that has been provided by Google Adsense, whose function is similar to  related posts  on a blog. However, it has more varied content than ordinary related posts.

Even though you have been fully accepted by Google AdSense or fully approved, it does not mean that you can also serve Matched Content ads directly on Google AdSense.

Take a look at the picture above, there it appears that there is content that is not in our blog posts. How come? Because it is an ad from Google that is combined with our relevant (appropriate) articles.

What are the Benefits of Matched Content Ads?

After knowing the purpose of matched content advertising, then I will discuss its functions and benefits.

Immediately, here are the functions and benefits of matched content advertising:

1. Can Increase Google AdSense Revenue

Can it really increase Google AdSense revenue? The answer could be.

Why could it be? Because it is likely that visitors will also click on the ads contained in the matched content.

2. Can Reduce Bounce Rate

Besides the opportunity to increase Google AdSense revenue, matched content ads can also reduce the bounce rate, because basically the main function of matched content ads is to direct readers to visit other articles on the blog.

3. Can Increase Blog Page View

As I said above, if readers are redirected to other articles or related posts, of course the number of page views on our blog will increase. So, it's good to add page views to the blog.

4. Can Increase CTR or CTR

What's the story, bro, matched content ads can increase CTR or CTR? Yes, at first I was also surprised, I thought it was hit by a Click Bomb, but it wasn't, and luckily it's still considered legal by Google.

So, it can be concluded that matched content ads can also increase Google AdSense CTR or CTR.

5. Can Improve Blog Performance

Well, after our blog that has matched content ads installed gets the four benefits above, without us realizing it, your blog's performance will also increase slowly. 

So, just wait and feel the difference before placing matched content ads and after placing matched content ads.

In addition to getting the above benefits, matched content ads are also widely used by users because they have advantages, such as not reducing blog loading, easy to customize, and of course responsive.

Just like the matched content ads in Viagramedb.com, these ads have been customized to be more different from matched content ads in general.

Surely you can't wait, right, how do you get matched content from Google Adsense? then what are the conditions? Here's the explanation.

How to Get Google AdSense Matched Content Ads

As I said above, Matched Content Ads are an additional feature that not all publishers can immediately get this ad even though it is fully approved though. Only selected and eligible blogs get this excellent feature.

So, you need to pay attention to a few things first to get Matched Content AdSense, here's an explanation:

1. Have a Stable Number of Visitors

After I asked the senior bloggers and also read on other blogs, that to get matched content ads you must have a large amount of traffic every day. Even the numbers mentioned are in the tens of thousands of PV (Page View).

However, reality says otherwise. I get the Matched Content feature with traffic that only ranges between 1000-2000 per day. For that, I think it's enough with stable organic visitors, not too low, not going up and down and staying in the same range.

So, it can be concluded that traffic does have an effect on getting these Matched Content Ads, but the number of tens of thousands turns out to be just a myth. Because even with 2000 PV, you can still get this type of ad.

2. Using SEO and Responsive Templates

After having a stable number of visitors, the next thing to consider to get matched content ads is to use an SEO and responsive template .

Why should SEO and Responsive? Because so that the google robot can easily understand the structure and content of the blog you have. In addition, a responsive template will also make visitors comfortable and feel at home for long on your blog.

3. Pay attention to the number of articles on your blog

In addition to the things above, you also need to pay attention to the number of articles. You must have a sufficient number of articles to maximize traffic and page views from the blogs that you manage.

According to the information I read, to get matched content you must have more than 300 published articles, and it would be better if each label had 5 articles or more. Because as I explained above, this feature is similar to related post .

But calm down, for your blog that still has a number of posts that have not reached 300 articles, don't be discouraged. 

In the past, Gramedia News blog, when it got matched content ads, had more than 100 posts and dozens of articles that had entered page one (first page).

So, it can be concluded that to get matched content ads, you don't really have to have more than 300 articles and with only 100 or more articles you can still get matched content ads, with a note that the articles you post must have quite a lot of traffic, or lots of articles. go to page one. But it would be nice to also increase the number of articles posted, so that's like a guarantee.

4. Diligently Post Articles and Be Consistent

Why should you diligently post articles? Because it aims to tell Google if your blog is still active. Yes, although this section is not mentioned on the official Google page regarding matched content, but I think this is also important.

The articles that will be posted also try to avoid plagiarism as much as possible, then if you are more busy in the real world and cannot be diligent in posting articles. Try to post articles a week 2-3 times is enough.

5. Optimize Monetization

According to what I read on the official google page, to get matched content ads, the site must be monetized optimally. Optimal means that advertising is in accordance with Google's TOS without violating any.  

So, to optimize monetization, you can do the following:

  • Experiment with ad types and sizes
  • Ad placement experiment

6. Installing Automatic Ad Code on Blog

It would be nice if you install automatic ads and activate the appropriate content feature, because this is my own experience, using this method is also quite powerful so that your AdSense can quickly display matched content ads.


How about it, it's pretty easy, right? After you read the explanation above, you can definitely conclude that to get matched content ads, you must meet some of the requirements of Google Adsense itself, and only blogs that meet the requirements can enjoy the benefits and advantages of matched content ads.

Thus the article tips on How to Get Google AdSense Matched Content Ads . Hopefully it can be useful and help you in getting matched content ads. Thank you for visiting. Greetings Viagaramedb.com.

( Rahni )

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