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7 Bank Teller Duties You Need To Know

Bank Teller Duties You Need To Know

Bank Teller Duties You Need To Know - For people who are interested in becoming a bank teller, you should first know what a bank teller is, the duties of a bank teller, and other related matters. This is so that you are not surprised and can prepare everything ahead of time.

Well, to find out some things related to bank tellers, such as their understanding and duties, see the following review.

What is a Bank Teller?

Bank teller is one of the positions in the bank whose job is to serve customers, especially in terms of banking financial transactions, both from customers and non-customers.

A teller will always provide services, assistance, handling, and solutions to customers who perform banking financial transactions.

Bank Teller Duties

Bank tellers have quite a lot of tasks, especially in the field of customer service. So, what are the duties of a bank teller? Check out his review below.

1. Have thoroughness and foresight

A teller is required to have thoroughness and foresight, especially when dealing with financial problems. So, a teller should not make a transaction error because it will harm the customer and also the bank.

2. Attractive appearance

In addition, the task of a bank teller must also be attractive and in accordance with bank standards, because tellers always meet customers every day when making transactions.

As an illustration, the standard of attractive appearance is neatly dressed, neat hair, using an ID card, and so on. In addition, bank tellers must also be good at communicating everything that customers need can be processed according to procedures.

3. Discipline of time

Well, the task of the other bank tellers is to arrive on time. A bank teller must be disciplined in time because he must prepare all work equipment properly. Before working hours start, a teller is also obliged to ensure that work equipment can function properly.

Examples of work equipment that are usually needed are counterfeit money check tools, money counters, and writing equipment. This is intended so that there are no problems and do not interfere when dealing with customers.

4. Be friendly and polite

Furthermore, the task of a bank teller is to be friendly and courteous to every customer who needs service. Say greetings (such as good morning/afternoon/evening) before asking the customer's needs to come to the bank.

In addition, say thank you and always give a smile when providing service to customers. Usually, things like this have been written in accordance with the policies of the bank.

5. Be careful in counting

The next task of the bank teller is to be careful in calculating. A teller will definitely deal with money every day. Be it cash withdrawals or deposit transactions.

Therefore, the teller must make sure to count the money through existing tools and confirm the amount of money to the customer and count the money in front of the customer directly.

Do not let an error occur in recording the nominal money, because this is a fatal mistake.

6. Update transactions

The next task of a bank teller is to update or update transactions on the bank's computer system, when there are customers who want to make transactions, both cash and non-cash.

7. Provide receipt slip

A teller is also tasked with providing receipt slips to customers who have made the deposit/withdrawal process and have signed it as a sign of validation.

In addition, bank tellers are also tasked with adjusting the amount of cash in a system with cash in the terminal. Well, that's a complete review of the meaning and duties of a bank teller. Hopefully this article useful for you.

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