Collection of Premium WordPress Templates for Blogs and Websites

Recommended Premium WordPress Templates

Best Premium WordPress Templates - To make a page containing certain posts or information accessible to many people, you need a blog or website. Making a blog or website can use platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, WIX, and others.

You can also create a website from scratch which will require a lot of money and a fairly long time compared to using a blog template from WordPress or Blogger.

For religious templates you can find them on WordPress. There are two kinds of templates offered, namely free and premium. The difference between free and premium is in the design, features and also the price offered.

But you don't need to hesitate to use the premium version with a little cost but many benefits.

Choosing a blog or website template is actually not only a matter of matching the initial design but also with the features that are in it. In addition, pay attention to the function of the blog or website template.

Make sure it suits your purpose for using the template. To find out more about what premium templates are good for your blog, see the explanation below.

Understanding What is a Website Template

Basically, website templates provide designers with a relatively easy way to incorporate content into a sophisticated design framework built through classic web languages ​​like HTML and CSS.

Website templates can include specially styled titles in the form of square or round images, background banners, stripes and other layout features, and styled typography. Designers can take advantage of this template by simply modifying their own data and images to get a complex or complete web style without writing the code themselves.

One of the most useful elements of a website template is the new resource for responsive web design. Responsive website templates can help small businesses and other users meet the challenges of the mobile-centric age by enabling them to easily build new web projects that cater to people who use smartphones and other mobile devices.

In some cases, business owners or other users can take data and images from their normal format sites and directly insert them into a responsive website framework in order to be able to offer a modern mobile friendly version of their site for certain customers and other visitors.

Benefits of Using Premium Templates

This premium template from WordPress can be used as an investment for your business as well as hosting. This premium WordPress template is not only different from its premium type, but also the features provided are more complete than using the default or free template.

Of course, these features can make your blog or website get high visitor traffic. Another advantage of this premium WordPress template is a template that is functional but also technical support, regular updates, extensive customization options, and website security.

In addition, premium WordPress templates are also more unique than other WordPress templates. But make sure before choosing it, the template is standards-compliant, which means that the template has been updated to the latest version of WordPress, PHP, CSS, and HTML. Next is responsive, meaning that the template used must look the same when accessed via mobile or desktop.

This can make it easier for visitors to your blog or website and Google to calculate mobile-responsiveness or how responsive the layout is on a cellphone as one of the device factors on the search results page.

A good template must also be adjusted by yourself, meaning you can still make slight changes to the layout or layout considering that currently there are more browsing options via smartphones and tablets compared to normal website formats.

Recommended Premium WordPress Templates

Recommended Premium WordPress Templates

With the many advantages that can be obtained from premium WordPress templates, it doesn't hurt if you try it. Of course you will get experience using different templates with free templates. So here are some premium WordPress template recommendations that you can consider:

1. Uncode

Uncode has been well received since its initial release for being the most popular WordPress theme available today. First released in 2015, Uncode is constantly being updated and refined to remain the best and consistent in the ThemeForest market. To make it one of the best-selling creative theme templates for WordPress, Uncode is packed with an ever-growing list of features.

As of the current 1.8 version, Uncode features a large library of unique concepts and website demos to choose from for their own projects. Like many of the best-selling WordPress themes in this collection, Uncode makes it incredibly easy to import your preferred demo into your website dashboard by making your choice, pressing a few buttons, and your site will be set up and ready to receive your content.

2. Bridge

This template has been popular since 2014. Bridge has been updating frequently and has now reached version 19.5 on December 23, 2019. In its latest version, the WordPress Bridge template has 145 demos, which are the most demos, making Bridge one of the best premium WordPress templates.

This means you can freely choose your favorite layout in one template. However, if you don't find a demo layout that matches your expectations, you can combine the existing elements and create a design for your website or blog that suits you. With the Visual Composer plugin that can help you easily modify or edit your own website layout from scratch.

3. Foodie Pro

This template is suitable for those of you who want to create a food or culinary blog and are not so suitable for other blog themes, but each presents an attractive and artistic appearance.

Foodie Pro is also built using the Genesis framework. This means, your site will be built on a solid foundation combined with Foodie Pro's stylish design and the power of WordPress. There are also six layout options, including to customize and arrange the widgets that you want to display on the website page.


Currently, DIVI is the main Elegant Themes template that uses drag-and-drop features and an attractive collection of template supplies. DIVI offers unlimited customization features and superior functionality.

Prior to the presence of DIVI, customization of themes and templates could only be done by a website developer (developer). It has 18 different layouts, you just need to install the template and start uploading your website content. There is a unique feature in this DIVI, namely the DIVI Builder.

With this feature, if there is a problem that is often experienced when using builders from other templates, it is limited layout adjustments, while on the other hand DIVI allows users to change the entire template. You can change the color, icon, page, and upload format.

5. X

This template can be used for various types of blogs or websites. The X template is a template that provides four main categories for visitors to demonstrate its flexibility.

Each category contains variations for different types of projects. Thus, whatever type of website you want to create, from your business home page, online portfolio, to e-commerce and regular blogs, you can use X to fulfill your website template needs.

6. Roneous

The Roneous theme offers a flawless design with over 30 design styles and a number of demo layouts. This template is suitable for companies and agencies to blogs and coming soon pages.

The theme can be easily customized quickly. It lets you take your site to the next level with video and parallax support. The display presented is quite simple but does not leave an attractive and eye-catching impression and this template is suitable for your personal portfolio blog.

7. Salient

Salient comes with more than 150 demos which can be imported with one click. It also includes multiple slides, and elegant page transitions, along with off-canvas menus.

This is one of the most professional WordPress themes. This template can be used for corporate sites but also personal blogs and eCommerce stores. A standout feature is the ability for your users to like one of your pages or posts which you can use to create other similar content.

Conclusion and Closing

Those are some explanations and a collection of premium WordPress templates that you can choose from. If you still want to see more details about the themes offered in the template, then visit the site that provides the template.

There you also have a demonstration of the use of the template as well as reviews from previous users so that you can see examples of its application carefully.

Choosing a good template should not be rushed and must use considerations that are in accordance with the theme and content of your blog or website.

Given that the template will greatly affect the overall progress of your blog and website, you need to do some special research on what you might need on your website earlier. There's also nothing wrong with asking someone more experienced for advice so that you too can be inspired.

So that's an article about the best collection of WordPress templates premium that we can share. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.