Complete Guide How to Use Mailchimp for Email Marketing

Email Marketing Mailchimp

How to Use Mailchimp for Email Marketing - The number of internet users today and digitalization in various aspects of life have also led to the emergence of social media platforms as well. In the past, we only knew communication in the form of short messages which were considered as technological advances, then the next innovation is the ability to send electronic mail or email to each other.

Even today, it seems that almost everyone who is actively surfing the internet has at least a personal email account. Through this account they can communicate, register for a social media account and can also do many things such as work or personal matters though.

This practical and concise way of e-mail that can send many e-mails at once has also attracted a lot of interest from companies that rely on email marketing to capture and register their customers.

It's no surprise that many companies already have their own e-mail marketing using a wide selection of e-mail marketing options such as Mailchimp which we discuss below.

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Know What is Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a web-based cloud-based marketing automation or email marketing platform originating from the United States. This email marketing platform is a trade name of an American company founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut, Mark Armstrong and Dan Kurzius.

Mailchimp started their business as a paid service which later added a premium usage option in 2009.

This email marketing also has a free to use service if you want to give it a try. Mailchimp's user base saw a jump in users of 450,000 users from an initial 85,000 users in the year they launched. June 2014 set a record with 10 billion emails sent per month from all its users.

Meanwhile, in 2017, Mailchimp got additional new subscribers to reach 14,000 users every day. This company is also still independent owned by the three founders and has never received venture capital.

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Mailchimp's great features

Email Marketing Mailchimp

With this practical base, users can use this email marketing platform to design and simultaneously send multiple emails to their subscribers and subscribers to their newsletter in large quantities at a time.

Users can also access their Mailchimp anywhere without having to download or install additional support software.

Apart from that, Mailchimp comes with lots of interesting and useful features that you can't refuse and ignore. All of the features offered will make it easier for users to develop and implement their marketing strategies. Here are 4 interesting features of Mailchimp that you can get and try:

1. Has a wide selection of campaigns

This email marketing service provider offers a wide variety of campaign models for its users. Not just emails, you can also get landing pages, postcards, sign up forms, Google remarketing ads and Facebook ads.

2. Has been integrated with various apps and tools

Given the many applications and tools currently available, Mailchimp also takes advantage of this opportunity by adding various functions and features to a campaign sent by users.

This feature also has additional booking options (messages), product recommendations, adjusting transactions made by buyers, sending invoices to subscriptions and so on.

3. Sending emails automatically

Every marketing email, of course, is always sent in large quantities and automatically. This feature is what you can rely on if you want to send emails faster without having to send them manually.

Mailchimp allows you to send emails to every customer with a new account, recommend products, reminders of unfinished transactions and more.

4. Optimization of email marketing is better

This feature helps you to divide all your subscribers according to or based on specific interests and targets which you can then send emails by adjusting those specifications or targets.

This way you can also see and read the performance of the campaigns that you have created and of course see which marketing methods are more effective for you.

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How to Use Mailchimp

Email Marketing Mailchimp

Along with the features we have read above, the next step is how to use email marketing from Mailchimp. Check out how to use Mailchimp below:

1. Create a Mailchimp account

  • Go to the official Mailchimp website at and click Sign Up Free.
  • Fill in your data in the form of email, username and password. Make sure your password is strong by meeting the requirements for capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, unique characters with a minimum length of 8 characters.
  • Enter your domicile data which aims to ensure that the use of this Mailchimp account is not used to send spamming emails.
  • Connect your Mailchimp account with a Facebook or Twitter link.
  • Mailchimp will ask for permission to personalize the service and will ask its users questions about the brand name (brand), website address and features offered to help its customers' businesses. This way, Mailchimp will be able to offer you the right apps and tools to suit your business.

2. Create a recipient email list in Mailchimp

This service provides 3 general ways to create a list of email recipients that you can customize, such as:

a. Manual input

This manual method is the easiest way but also at the same time complicated and complex to do. The convenience is that the user only needs to enter and input data into the available columns. Meanwhile, it will be more complex and complicated considering that all of these must be inputted one by one.

b. Multiple data input at once via CSV

Sending a lot of marketing emails and usually full of information and features is indeed more practical when compared to the manual delivery method above. To use this second way is the customer will need a Microsoft Excel document which must be saved in CSV format.

c. Importing data through a supported service

Of the many kinds and varieties of services that you can connect or use to your Mailchimp account, the easiest and quick way is to try using and connecting your Google Contacts.

3. Create a Sign Up form

Every time you surf the website or e-commerce, then you must also see a form to register for customers. This form will later be very useful for the company that installs it to collect and mine data which the company can then use to send the latest news and offers.

4. Create a Campaign

This is the main most attractive feature and is the main attraction of sharing every Mailchimp user. Through this feature, users can create various content for marketing purposes which includes landing pages, sign up forms, remarketing ads and others.

One of the campaigns that you can use in Mailchimp is for email purposes, here you can design your email campaign by starting with giving a campaign name, to creating a delivery destination. In the email you can also set the title and shape of the email itself to make it more optimal.

Conclusion and closing

Not all people and companies even have accounts on social media, even though the credibility and efficiency of this platform is indeed more widely chosen and known by the public. Likewise, customers from these brands do not necessarily want to follow and find out a lot about their favorite brands on social media.

Then to still be able to reach and contact consumers, a brand will certainly need email marketing with features and campaigns that are also effective. Companies and businesses can stay in touch with their customers, disseminate ongoing promotions and collect customer data.

The use of email marketing can also be efficient in determining the strategy and implementation of sales and marketing. You can rely on and use all the features that Mailchimp has to offer above which have proven to be helpful in a lot of marketing.

So it's not surprising that Mailchimp is now the best-selling email marketing choice today and is used in almost 200 countries.

So that's an article about a guide to using email marketing on the Mailchimp site that you can try. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.