Complete Guide to Installing AMP Plugins in WordPress

Installing AMP Plugins in WordPress

Installing AMP Plugins in WordPress - With the proliferation of mobile devices that are always up to date and changing all the time, it also affects how people use the internet. In fact, according to a study, more than 50% of searches on the Google search engine from around the world are carried out from smartphones. Thus of course this also makes the website must also adapt to this development.

Websites also need to be smart about how they will appear on mobile devices. One of them is to use Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for those who use the WordPress platform. Website views with AMP will load faster and are compatible according to the device used.

The website is expected to be more responsive, loading faster even though sometimes the content displayed can be large. Design or appearance that is appropriate when viewed from a mobile device or from a desktop version.

All of this should be your concern if you are one of the website owners. So if you are interested in using AMP, see the complete guide to installing AMP in WordPress below.

Know What is AMP

AMP is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages which is open source developed by the Open Source Project. It was originally created by Google as a competitor to Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News.

The way AMP works is to optimize mobile web browsing and also to help web pages load faster. AMP pages can be cached by a CDN such as Microsoft Bing or cached from AMP Cloudflare which allows pages to load or load faster.

Accelerated Mobile Pages itself was first introduced to the public on October 7, 2015. However, after going through a technical preview period, AMP pages began to appear used in Google mobile search results in 2016. Although AMP was initially criticized for potentially giving further control over the web to Google.

The origin of the development of this project was to increase loading for mobile users to read websites from their devices. Because most of the problems that often annoy users are long delays in the website displaying the entire content.

So with AMP which uses minimal HTML and Java script makes the website load faster.

How to Complete AMP Plugin Installation in WordPress

Installing AMP Plugins in WordPress

The way to setup an AMP installation on WordPress is actually quite easy because WordPress users can get this plugin among other frequently used plugins.

You can search for it on the plugin page and click AMP in the search field. If you have found this AMP plugin, the next step is to do a proper installation.

1. Install and then activate the AMP plugin first

The way to setup AMP WordPress at this early stage is to download, install and then activate it first.

Then if you have passed this stage, go to the Settings or AMP Settings section which is on the main section panel. Here you will see various AMP analytical code data information on your website.

2. Reload permalinks

Next is to reload the game that you created earlier. Then select the Save or Changes option which will save all the changes you made earlier. You can also adjust the permalinks on your website so that they can be reloaded again.

3. Customize layout

Then is to make adjustments or customizations to the layouts that are already available in the AMP plugin. enter the AMP layout customization section by selecting the Appearance panel menu followed by AMP.

Here you can make changes to everything in it such as changing the background color, font and others.

4. Test posting content using AMP

This setup process is done by changing the default on your post to find out whether AMP is working or not. From here you can see that AMP will work specifically on the posts section and does not work on archives or other pages on the website.

Just add a permalink to it and you will be able to see AMP working on your website.

5. AMP that has been successfully installed and works well

If you have implemented all the methods above, the next step is to wait for AMP to be optimized and processed by Google. After successfully processing, you will be able to detect the post that you made and already supports AMP display in it.

Use Google AMP Test to find out and check more.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Installing AMP Plugins in WordPress

SEO experts claim that AMP will help you to rank higher on Google and also improve user experience for mobile users on slow internet connections. However, it is undeniable that AMP has several challenges for website owners, bloggers, and marketers.

AMP uses a limited set of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This means that you cannot add certain widgets and features to your mobile AMP website. This limits your ability to add smart email forms, Facebook like boxes and other dynamic scripts.

While Google AMP supports Google Analytics, unfortunately it doesn't support many other analytics platforms either. The same applies to advertising options which are limited to select multiple advertising platforms.

Despite its limitations, Google supports AMP pages by giving them a boost in mobile search faster and more powerful in terms of search discovery.

If the majority of your traffic comes from mobile search, then you may benefit from adding AMP support to improve and maintain your SEO.

Although there are indeed many who doubt and complain about AMP, AMP itself is quite a lot to help you appear in SEO and make it one of the plugins worth considering.

Conclusion and closing

Pages that are opened from mobile devices equipped with AMP in it will be very helpful because visitors will feel more comfortable because the website they are looking for does not only appear with SEO keywords but also loads quickly. So many WordPress users prefer to use the AMP plugin which can also improve their SEO compared to other plugins.

Google can also serve a cached version of the website to its users instantly when they click on your link in their search results. Although the method is more or less the same as Facebook Instant Article, which is limited to Facebook only, AMP will feel more flexible and efficient because it can load pages more practically without many limitations of its own.

This plugin can also be extended to Google Analytics to Yoast SEO making it the right choice for WordPress users

So that's an article about a complete guide to installing the AMP plugin on WordPress that might help you. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.