How to Choose an Email Blast Platform for Business Email Marketing

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Email Blast Platform for Business Email Marketing - When opening an email, there are often lots of incoming emails from companies that provide various information. For example, an email that offers a promo, or an email that notifies the development of a company.

An email like this can be called an email blast, which is an email that is sent to a large number of recipients at the same time. Most of these email blasts are used for marketing purposes. When you want to send email marketing, you can't use ordinary platforms like Yahoo and Gmail.

This is because the number of emails to be sent is large. Another reason is that there are so many features of email marketing that you can't find on regular email services. Examples include automation, reports, email performance analysis and audience segmentation.

Tips for Choosing a Blast Email Platform

Now, there are various platforms that have provided these services. But to choose it should not be arbitrary. Therefore, this article will give you some tips on choosing the best email blast platform. There are things you need to pay attention to in choosing it. Check out the full tips below.

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1. Knowing the Purpose of the Company

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The first step before you choose the right email blast platform is to understand what goals your company wants to achieve. You need to understand the purpose of the company's actions and movements because later each email marketing service also has different features.

If you already know what goals you want to achieve, then you can choose which email marketing service suits the company's needs so that later you don't lose money because you have spent money on features that are not needed by the company.

2. Choose Free or Paid Services

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Tips for choosing the next email blast platform is that you have to consider whether to choose a free service or one you have to pay for. A number of companies are already providing email marketing services for free, with the disadvantage of having limited features.

One example is Mail Chimp, where users can send a maximum of 12,000 email marketing emails per month to 2,000 subscribers or less.

As for paid platforms, generally there is an option to make payments with a period of per month or per year. Prices and features also vary so that the paid features are arguably more profitable. An example of a paid platform is MailToGo.

Compared to non-paid platforms, usually paid platforms can send around 50,000 emails per month.

3. Pay attention to Email Template Availability

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The number of email templates available is also a tip on choosing an email blast platform that you need to consider. If there are many choices of email templates, the emails you create will seem not boring and also interesting.

For example, an email template should fit a company profile. Both from the choice of colors and words, to the form of approach that can influence users.

4. Audience Mapping

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In doing audience mapping, there are various aspects that can be done by email marketing. You need to pay attention to consumer interest, type of consumer, engagement and also the location of the consumer.

Well, you also need to consider the feature to map this audience. So, the emails you send can match the target audience. One thing you need to remember is that no matter how good a product is, it will still be useless if the target market is not right.

5. Available for both mobile and desktop versions

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From the results of research conducted by Forrester, 42 percent of email marketing is opened by users via mobile devices or smartphones.

That way, you must ensure that the platform you choose to provide email templates still makes users who view it via mobile feel comfortable or called Mobile Friendly, as if opening it on the desktop.

6. Customer Support

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The number of available customer support is your next consideration when choosing the right service for email marketing. With the right selection, you can quickly resolve service problems that can occur at any time.

Usually, these email marketing providers provide this customer support feature that is only available to users who use paid platforms. In fact, a number of platforms have provided professional support features for their users who need to consult about email marketing.

7. Email Automatically

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With the presence of the automatic email feature, users are now able to send emails automatically according to the behavior of their email recipients.

For example, you can set to send an automatic email when someone has recently subscribed to the newsletter, or when the recipient doesn't open the email you previously provided. It could also be when the email recipient has not clicked the CTA in the previous email.

The advantage that can be obtained with this feature is that you can easily send emails with different content to consumers whose behavior is also different.

8. Analyze Email Marketing

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The last tip for choosing an email blast platform is to analyze email marketing. After you send marketing emails to potential customers, you should now evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

First, find out how many of your email recipients have opened your email, as well as those who clicked on the link included in the email, and email recipients who have unsubscribed from the newsletter.

By analyzing these things, you will know whether the campaign you are doing via email is successful or not. Don't worry, now some platforms already provide features to analyze and report to you for free.

However, there are also platforms that require users to be able to access these features. Therefore, you do have to be smart when choosing a platform. Don't forget to adjust it to the budget you have.

This feature is also very useful for those of you who will later make monthly or annual reports to find out the efficiency of the promos that you have run.

Conclusion and Closing

Those are some tips for choosing an email blast platform that you can apply. As someone who becomes a business owner, you must understand exactly what kind of platform your business needs.

Is it possible that your business needs a variety of features so you have to use a paid platform, or is it okay even though you use a free platform with limited features.

You have to really understand what your email needs are. By understanding it, you yourself will feel the benefits, such as saving more because the costs you spend are not wasted on features that will not be used later.

Of course it's a waste when you've chosen a platform, but you don't need the features for an email campaign.

Indeed, in choosing a platform requires carefulness. Keep in mind that the emails you send out for marketing purposes aren't always about your attractive template or great writing.

However, the strategy in compiling it should also not be missed so that it does not become spam for the recipients. So the information provided in this article, hopefully the tips above can be useful for you.

( Rahani )