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How to Create a Signature or Signature in Email

Create Gmail Signature

Create Gmail Signature - Advances in technology and all things digital have brought convenience in almost all aspects of life. Like now, if you give goods from e-commerce, then the package that will be delivered to you must also be verified by the recipient.

The verification method is currently changing to maintain security, the courier will ask you to take a photo with the item you received and also sign it.

All of this is done by smart devices such as smartphones or tablets that are connected directly to interested parties such as the delivery service office and the e-commerce office center. So that both parties can immediately see the goods they have sent have been received safely directly to the buyer.

In addition, this online signature has also been applied to many online employment contracts. We no longer need paper and pen, long distances are not a problem either.

Signatures or signatures can be done using an application, even free email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook also provide it for free.

The importance of a signature or online signature

Signature is the second way to seal and ratify an agreement or transaction between two or more parties. The other way is with a fingerprint or seal. However, the signature is more widely sought after because it is more practical and everyone can at the same time affix their name in the signature.

This way you can guarantee the validity of your contract with the client or your employment contract. All links can be set automatically which will add your signature to documents that are considered important and you can also add information about your full name, official mailing address, email and website address.

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Components that must be in a digital signature

Of course, before including a signature or online signature, there are several components and elements that must be completed that can be adapted to the needs and objectives of the signature being addressed. Here's everything you need to complete to add credibility to your business contract:

  • Full name of the sender of the contract or online agreement
  • The company name and title will also help business owners and professionals who will add a trusted identity and impression.
  • Correct official office address.
  • Telephone, mobile phone numbers and social media accounts that can offer alternative options for communicating.
  • Website addresses that can help you and your company give and help others to let them know that you are in a particular field.
  • A logo that becomes an icon and symbol of you and your company.

How to create a signature or online signature in Gmail

Here are two methods of how to create a signature in email on Google Mail (Gmail) users that you can apply.

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1. Add and create a basic signature

Create Gmail Signature

  • Go to your Gmail account that you want to use as a template for creating a signature.
  • Find the Settings menu in the form of a gear icon in the upper right corner of your email tab, click Settings.
  • Scroll down the Settings menu to find the Signature menu, next to which is a text box as well as menus with drop-down formatting and your own email address.
  • Type your signature in the signature field using the text formatting tool to give your online signature a special and distinctive look. Make sure your signature is easy to read and not too overwhelming.
  • If you have something you want to add, then please add the relevant link by using the click on the Link button in the signature text box which has a chain icon.
  • If you have more than 1 email address or email from Gmail, you can also put the same signature for different accounts. Click the scroll-down or up-and-down menu in the signature text box to be able to select and specify which email address you want to sign.
  • Check below the signature text box so that your signature will appear before the reply quote, otherwise the signature will only appear under the message under the quote "__" message.

2. Adding an image or logo to an email signature in Gmail

Create Gmail Signature

  • Logos or photos that can be used are in JPEG or PNG format only.
  • Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of your email page and click the Settings menu.
  • Scroll or drag all the menus down until you find the Signature menu.
  • In the Signature text box that displays menu options, click Add Image which has a mountain photo icon located between the link icon and the Align icon.
  • When you click on the add image icon, a new page or window will appear that gives you 3 download options.
  • The first option is to take a picture or logo from My Drive, Upload which can be taken from a file on your device and a Web Address (URL) if you take it from online.
  • Adjust the options or options you need from the 3 ways, then click the logo or photo you want to use.
  • Click Select to upload an image or logo.
  • You can also add text to your signature or also a link to a link to your website.
  • Also determine the size of the logo or image you want to use.
  • Scroll down the page and then click Save.

Conclusion and closing

Adding a digital signature to an email message will make formal communication more serious and give a good impression to both parties connected.

But when you want to put your signature, don't forget to weigh and include components such as your full name, job title, company name, website address, contact number, and logo.

A good signature should also be easy to understand and read. So avoid excessive signature designs with abstract shapes, curves that are too high, or irrelevant symbols. What's more, the signature you create on this Gmail signature must be the same as your original signature which can be found on your ID card.

Do not change your signature just like that, especially if the changes are too far-fetched and obvious, this will later be difficult for you if it turns out that two or more signatures are not the same if there is a document matching. Also make sure you always include valid and appropriate information along with the company logo to make your contract or agreement more professional.

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