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How to Make the Most of Google My Business for Online Business

Google My Business for Online Business

Google My Business for Online Business - Any business today needs targeted visibility on Google to make it easy to spread the info about the business itself. Most businesses know that this requires optimization of their website and Google Ads. But what is least known is that there is a third entity that also needs to be optimized namely their Google business listing.

Officially known as your Business Profile, this powerful listing is a dynamic snapshot of your business. With the help it will highlight your best features and allow potential customers to find, learn and interact with you quickly all from the SERP. The best part and Google support on this one is that it is completely free.

However, despite the billions of searches performed on Google each month, a BrightLocal study showed that a typical Business Profile only got an average of 1,260 views over the same period. Unfortunately only 59 actions were taken from those 1,260 views which is less than 5%.

The problem isn't with the Google My Business platform itself, it's that not nearly enough businesses take advantage of its impressive features.

Know What is Google My Business

Google My Business for Online Business

Google My Business or Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool from Google that helps business owners manage their online presence across search engines and its growing portfolio of utilities. Experienced SEO professionals also use GMB listings to take advantage of location-based strategies

Creating a GMB listing is the first step to local search success because GMB offers the greatest impact for brands seeking local exposure.

Features like Google's Local Search emphasize the need for GMB listings for both new and established businesses. It provides a list of nearby businesses and a lot of information needed to find a specific business such as:

  • Business address
  • Working/operational hours
  • Business category
  • Reviews/testimonials from clients/users

The Google Knowledge Graph also uses verified Google My Business information. This will help generate details for its database about the business and related entities that are relevant to a particular search.

Once a new list is created, a Google Maps location is then created which syncs with traditional Google Search for easy access and searchability.

It certainly helps that most of the organic searches come from Google due to its around 90% share of the worldwide search engine market. As well as showing the value of effective local GMB and SEO listings.

Make sure you've completed your Google My Business listing properly, and optimized all possible aspects of the tool.

Doing so will also give your business maximum impact on Google and third-party platforms that use the Google Maps API to generate location information for users.

Advantages of Using Google My Business for Online Business

An optimized Business Profile on Google will help consumers choose your business over competitors, but there are other benefits of optimizing your Business Profile for effective online local marketing.

1. Increase engagement

More and more, consumers are logging in and out of Google without visiting another website. That's because the information on the search results page itself fully answers their question, resulting in a click search.

With potentially more consumers interacting with your business through a Google Business Profile than your website, you'll want the profile to be optimized for quality engagement and conversions.

2. Improve your local ranking

Google's algorithm for ranking Business Profiles takes into account not only proximity and relevance, but also activity and quality of information. Optimizing your Google Business Profile sends this signal to Google to rank you higher in local results.

Higher rankings, as you know, mean more visibility and engagement with your business.

3. Invite more customers

A typical Google Business Profile doesn't offer many ways to get customers. They can find out where you are and read your reviews if they know how to trace your business name in the first place.

But with an optimized Business Profile through a Google My Business account, consumers can find you in keyword searches, call you, visit your site, research your products and services, view or contribute, request quotes, book appointments, make reservations, and more. Additionally you can track clicks to your website, appointments or menu links using UTM and Google Analytics.

How to Get the Most of Google My Business

Google My Business for Online Business

Now that you see that optimizing your Google Business Profile is key to being found in local search, standing out above the competition, and winning customers online, it's time to do it.

Here's how to turn your Google Business Profile into a 24/7 marketing and lead generation tool for your local business.

1. Create a Google My Business account

You need to know that the Google Business Profile (Google Business Profile) is a separate entity from the last Google My Business account used to gain access and optimize the former. This means that to perform optimization you must have a Google My Business account and then tell Google to associate it with your Google Business Profile.

2. Fill in all data

The completeness of your Google Business Profile not only helps Google rank you higher in local search results, it also increases the number of actions customers take when they find your profile. There's a lot of information to provide, so here are some guidelines for prioritizing.

3. Maximize contact information

Here are the steps to optimize the contact information in your Google Business Profile:
  • Make sure your business name is the same as the one you use on your shop signage. In other words, exactly as it looks in the real world. Adding location names except in your brand name or keywords is considered spam by Google and you may be penalized.
  • Make sure your business name and address exactly match your other listings across the web using consistent mention and spelling of your business. Google's algorithm takes these inconsistencies into account when assessing your credibility.
  • Show your regular hours and holidays. This encourages customers to visit you, and also avoids the potential negative review given by someone who travels to your store only to find out that it is closed.

4. Add photo

Uploading photos to your Business Profile via your Google My Business account dashboard is important because it's a visual to attract customers. But that doesn't mean you add hundreds of pictures to your profile at once. 

Follow these tips for using photos to optimize your Google Business Profile:
  • Add at least one new photo a few days
  • For your thumbnail photo, upload your logo
  • For your cover photo, use something that best represents your brand but as Google will show different featured photos depending on the search query
  • For more general photos, see Google's photo guidelines for specifications, but be sure to include satisfied customers, interior and exterior views, and team photos
  • No stock photos, and no photos with special effects or branding. Google tries to present your business as it looks in the real world
  • Focus on quality images that have clear depictions to align with the image-enriched result

Conclusion and Closing

Google My Business or Google My Business (GMB) is a free and easy-to-use tool that helps businesses manage their online presence and appearance on Google Search and Google maps.

If you've ever searched for a business name, you'll often see that their GMB knowledge panel, a card containing important information customers want to know about a local business, appears first.

But if you're on a mobile device, this will often be the top result before organic results. Then if you're on desktop, it'll show right to the right of organic and paid searches.

Indeed, it is intended to help business people, so anyone can take advantage of Google's assistance to expand their business.

So that's an article about how to maximize sales on Google My Business. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.

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