How to Open Blocked Sites for Laptop/Smartphone

How to Open Blocked Sites for Laptop/Smartphone

How to open a blocked site using a Laptop/Mobile Phone

How to open a blocked site using a Laptop/Mobile Phone - Illegal sites that are considered detrimental to the state. With this blocking, there are some sites that will be disrupted and cannot be accessed either using Google Chrome, or the Internet Browser.

Actually, the government's blocked web is an effort to protect the public so that they can use the internet safely and comfortably. However, it seems that some people are not satisfied with the restrictions through the IP blocking mechanism.

This blocked site is not only for laptops, smartphones are also experiencing the same thing. There are several sites that cannot be opened due to suspected negative internet elements. But don't worry, there are many ways to be able to access these blocked sites. Then how to access this site? Come on, see the following article.

Why Are Some Sites Blocked?

If you are still confused about why the site you are looking for cannot be opened or blocked, then you must have opened a site that is indicated to be negative by the government. Whether it's a site that is detected to contain negative content, this is with the hope that the government will be able to limit minors from accessing these inappropriate sites.

As stated in the Minister of Communications and Informatics Regulation No. 19 of 2014 concerning handling negative sites on the internet, the Indonesian government cooperates with ISPs in closing websites that are included in the blacklist.

In terms of including websites that are included in the black list, the Indonesian government provides protection for top-level domains, content/expressions/keywords, URLs. So if your website has a domain, URL or contains negative content, you have to be prepared if your website will be blacklisted later. Here's how to open blocked sites.

1. Unlock Blocked Sites with VPN

The way to open blocked sites that you can try is to install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) application on your device. This method is the easiest and most common method for Android users.

VPN applications work by connecting the internet network with other networks through a different IP address. Using a VPN will make it easier for users to surf freely and safely on the internet. You can open any type of site.

One of them is by using a Zen Mate VPN. You can find Zen Mate VPN by typing its name in the search field on the left of the Chrome Web Store display.

1. Then when you find it, click "Add to Chrome".

2. Click “Add Extension” to bring up the blue icon on the far right next to your Chrome browser.

3. For the premium version, click "Activate Instantly" directly and for the free version, click "Get Limited".

4. Then click “Log In” and enter your email address and password to activate Zen Mate.

5. Finally, choose from the VPN server where, you want to access previously blocked websites.

6. Finished.

2. Open Blocked Sites with SSH

Furthermore, you can also open blocked sites using SSH (Secure Shell). The function of SSH is as a network that protects data exchange from virus threats.

Both VPN and SSH can be said to have almost the same characteristics. The difference is, here you will use a third party, especially for the SSH Tunneling process.

If you are used to using your smartphone settings, there is no problem using SSH with some coding which is a method to unblock the site you want. You can also use SSH on your smartphone other than a laptop/PC.

3. Open Blocked Sites on Firefox PC

How to open a blocked site using a Laptop/Mobile Phone

One of the most widely used web browsers, namely Mozilla Firefox, also has a VPN feature. That is, you can simply install the add-on in the vpn feature settings in this mozilla firefox. If you want to access blocked sites via PC, you only need to install the Anonymox add-on in the browser installed on your computer.

Anonymox offers several proxy options that can be customized to your liking. After this add-on is active in the browser, you can freely open any website without any blocking.

4. Open Blocked Sites Without Applications

Next up is, you can try to open blocked sites without using an application by using the hide.me site. The method is very easy and will not interfere with your comfort. To do this, please open a web browser, then open the following link: hide.me/en/proxy.

When the web page opens, enter the address of the site you want to open. You can also change the location of your proxy. If so, please press the yellow button with the words "Visit Anonymously". Please wait until the website you want opens perfectly.

5. Open Blocked Sites with Opera Browser

If you have the Opera web browser installed on your computer or laptop, then you don't need to add any add-ons or applications to be able to access blocked websites. Well, you don't need to worry because Opera has prepared a VPN feature in it so you can activate it whenever you want to visit sites that are included in the positive internet block list.

The way it works is, you can open the Opera browser on your PC. Look at the section next to the URL box. Click VPN, then enable (On). And if you're using the Opera Mini mobile browser, here's how to open blocked sites with Opera Mini. Open Opera Mini. Tap the Settings icon or Settings. Enable VPN.

If you feel restricted because the access to the site you are looking for is blocked, you don't have to worry about it at all. There are many ways to open blocked sites, which include, as has been stated in the review above.

Whatever type of device you use, be it a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can easily access various blocked sites if you feel the need to open the site.

Conclusion and Closing

In managing information, we must be observant in reading and knowing whether the information we get is positive internet or negative content. If you want to open a site, but the site cannot be accessed, it is likely that the site has been blocked by the government.

There are several ways to open this unopened site, one of which is that you can install a vpn application. Or if you want a more practical way is to install opera. Opera has set up a VPN feature in it so you can activate it whenever you want to visit a site that is on the positive internet block list.

The government's move to block sites that are indicated to be negative is an exemplary thing. So that we are not careless in opening internet sites. Especially if there are minors. This negative content later will make children who are not old enough to be mentally disturbed.

Therefore it is appropriate as a parent, you understand that sites that are prohibited by the government should not be accessed. Hope it is useful.

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