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How to Overcome the Wide Windows 10 Display

How to Overcome Windows 10's Widespread Display

How to Overcome Windows 10's Widespread Display - Have you ever felt the appearance of Windows that has grown larger than normal after reinstalling? This situation usually arises because there is an error in setting the monitor resolution. Just follow the steps to improve the appearance of this widened Windows, so that the appearance of Windows looks comfortable when used.

There is a way to change the appearance of Windows 10 to normal, one of the most efficient solutions is to reinstall it. By doing so, all the composition of the mechanism will be reset, and errors that usually trigger it are only in the resolution setting, or only driver problems. However, don't worry, there are easier steps for how to make the Windows 10 desktop look like before.

Steps to Fix the Appearance of Wide Windows

If it's the first time you feel the problem of the appearance of a Windows 10 laptop theme that is wider than usual, you can use one of the methods below. Generally the following methods are successful for various Windows. Especially those who just reinstalled Windows because of a mechanism error or other problem.

VGA Type Driver Installation

Video Graphics Array (VGA) as the standard for computer display. Its role is to process and interpret graphic type data from the computer on the monitor.

Actually without using a driver, VGA can be driven on your device. But the impact is that the display power of the monitor is not 100% optimal. What's more after the mechanism rearrangement is carried out.

For those of you who prioritize the appearance of the monitor, it is necessary to install this VGA driver. You can use the default drivers that are already on the computer. Appropriate versus Windows used. Or you can also take it through the legitimate website of the VGA you are using.

Custom Resolution VGA

There are many drivers that directly have a VGA resolution setting and you can use that feature. However, make sure first what type of driver is used. Two of them that are often used are NVIDIA and AMD.


For the use of NVIDIA drivers, the steps for setting the VGA resolution are:

  • Right click your mouse.
  • Do it when the cursor is on the computer desktop page
  • Then specify "NVIDIA Control Panel". Its role is to make a resolution switch.
  • Next specify "Change Resolution".
  • Determine the right resolution.
  • Put a switch.
  • After.

You can immediately set the desired resolution on that page. There are many choices that are sold. When it's done, just press the "Customize" button to make sure the settings are applied to your computer.


If you are using AMD, then the possible settings are:

  • Right mouse click on the desktop page.
  • Next, select the "AMD Radeon Settings" option.
  • Then you specify the "Display" menu.
  • Go to "Custom Resolutions".
  • Create a new resolution.
  • Apply on screen.
  • After.

By following the method just now, you can create a new resolution that matches your Windows initial setup. Thus because of that his appearance returned to normal.

Monitor Resolution Setting

For Windows 10 and earlier versions, there are other processes for setting the monitor resolution. You must first know which version is used on a computer or netbook device. Just set an accurate step.

In general, the current monitor resolution on Windows is around 1920 x 1080 for full HD resolution. There is also an HD resolution of the same size as 1366 x 768. However, when the display looks wider due to reinstallation, the resolution changes to 1023 x 768 or 640 x 480. Finally, the appearance becomes wider.

Here are the steps you can take to reset the resolution on your Windows monitor. Important steps to return the monitor resolution to the original place are:

  • Point your cursor on the desktop.
  • Next, select the "Display Settings" option.
  • Continue by selecting "Advanced Display Settings".
  • You just choose one of the dozens of resolutions on the page.
  • You can try starting from the top option, all the way to the bottom.
  • Have met with the right resolution?
  • Click "OK".
  • After.

By following the setup tutorial above, the resolution you specify will be saved on the mechanism and can be applied directly to the monitor.

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