How to turn off a laptop that hangs on Windows 10

How to turn off a laptop that hangs on Windows 10

How to turn off a laptop that hangs on Windows 10 - Do you know how to turn off a laptop that hangs on Windows 10 that can't be turned off?? on this occasion I will explain about how to turn off a laptop hang that can't be turned off to all of you.

Have you ever experienced a laptop hang?, this is certainly quite disturbing to us. There is only one way to fix the hang, which is to turn it off. However, how to turn off a laptop that hangs on Windows 10? Therefore, consider the following methods.

Causes of Laptop Hanging on Windows 10

Here are the main causes for windows 10 that can't be turned off, please read to the end to find out why windows 10 can't be turned off:

1. Too hot

Excessive heat can slow down the laptop's work until it eventually causes the laptop to freeze or hang. High enough temperatures can even damage the integrated circuits in your laptop's processor system and render it unusable.

2. BIOS settings

Any changes that occur in the BIOS settings can also cause a problem that can cause the system on the laptop to go into frozen mode.

3. Lack of Memory

The laptop hang problem that generally occurs on every laptop is due to the lack of RAM installed on the laptop. For that, try to check the memory capacity installed on your laptop, and if necessary you can upgrade it.

4. Too Many Programs Installed

Check what programs are installed on your laptop. Our suggestion is that you can uninstall/remove programs that you don't need or use rarely.

5. Too Many Programs Running

This is closely related to point no. 2 above, of course, the more applications that are installed, the more programs that automatically run at Windows startup. To see the running applications, you can use the tool. Using this tool you can view and disable unnecessary apps.

6. Hard Drive(HDD) Problem

The hard drive is one of the components that causes the laptop to hang. Laptop hang problems that generally occur because the hard disk includes low hard disk space, fragmented, error / bad sectors, and so on. If there really is a problem with the hard drive, one of the best ways is to replace it. You can also replace it with an SSD which is currently being hyped because it is considered better.

7. Swelling Temporary Files

The next cause of the laptop hangs is a swollen temporary file. To clean it you can run the Disk Cleanup program. Just click start - run then during Disk Cleanup then select the drive to be cleaned.

8. Too Many Security Programs

Security programs such as antivirus are additional applications that must be present on a laptop. Security programs are certainly very helpful for laptops in warding off viruses, but they will have a bad impact if too many antivirus programs are installed on your laptop.

9. Presence of Viruses and Malware

This can be called the opposite of point 6, which is not installing a security program such as an antivirus, so that your laptop is invaded by viruses and malware that have a bad impact on your laptop. Immediately install the antivirus and after that try to remove the viruses and malware on your laptop.

10. There is a corrupt in the system files

This usually happens after your laptop has been hit by a virus and the infected files have been corrupted or deleted by the virus. The easiest solution is to fix the operating system used on your laptop.

11. Hardware Overheated

Hardware overheating can occur on the hard drive, processor, VGA card, and others. In general, it can cause a decrease in laptop performance which eventually hangs, slows down or even restarts by itself. To ensure air circulation inside the CPU runs properly and optimally.

12. Network Connectivity Issues

This usually happens when high network traffic causes a virus to try to enter the laptop system. To fix this, try removing and reattaching the LAN connector for some time and then use a port scanning program to see what's going in and out of the laptop. Above, we have explained the most common causes of laptop hangs. Next below, we will review how to solve a laptop hang. Hope it is useful.

How to turn off a laptop that hangs on Windows 10

How to turn off a laptop that hangs on Windows 10

The operating system does have an unexpected automatic update feature. This can be frustrating for Windows 10 users as they are often forced to restart their machines at inopportune times.

Here's how to turn off Windows 10 auto update which summarized for you.

1. Using Keyboard Key Combinations

There are many secret keyboard shortcut key combinations in the Windows operating system. One example of a secret keyboard shortcut key combination is to turn off a computer faster. The key combination is also very easy to remember, the trick is to press the ALT + F4 keys simultaneously and after that a dialog box appears containing several options, such as Shutdown, restart, sleep. Switch users, and log out.

You can directly select the shutdown option to be able to turn off the laptop directly. But it's good if How to Turn Off a Laptop that Hangs on Windows 10 is done in an emergency and if your laptop is still running normally the goal is to keep the laptop's health normal.

2. Creating a Shortcut File

This method can be regarded as a fairly practical way to turn off a laptop that hangs. All we need to do is create a new shortcut file by right clicking on it, and selecting the “new shortcut” option. If the shortcut file has been created, we can directly enter the line of code that is “%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe –s –t 0” without the quotes.

Once done, click the next button and a shutdown button shortcut has been created. We can click it to be able to shut down the computer forcibly if our computer hangs. This method is actually almost similar to how to turn off the computer using the command prompt, but this method is believed to be much faster and also more effective.

3. Changing the Function of the Power Button

If the laptop you are using has Windows 10 installed, you can use this method if all the methods above don't work. This method is very often done by many people in an emergency when the laptop they are using has an error or hangs.

Actually, how to turn off this laptop can be said to be quite a risky way, because this method replaces the function of the power button which previously served as a button used to turn on the laptop, then changed its function to a button to turn off the laptop. turn off the laptop.

How to enter the control panel in windows by pressing the WINDOWS + R key combination simultaneously, and typing control panel. After the control panel appears, select the “Hardware & Sound” menu. Once done, in the power options section, you can click on the button that says “Change what button power does”. When finished, we can change "when I press the power button" which was originally sleep to shutdown.

If all the ways have been done, you can immediately press the OK button. After applying this method, the power button on our laptop not only functions as a button to turn on the laptop, but can also be used to turn off the laptop. However, keep in mind that you can apply this method only in emergency situations.

Thus a review of This is How to Turn Off a Laptop that Hangs on Windows 10, hopefully it will be useful.

( Rahni )