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Import Business, One of the Best Strategies for Selling Online. Why So?

Import Business, One of the Best Strategies for Selling Online

Import Business, One of the Best Strategies for Selling Online - Lately, the price competition in selling online is very tight. There are so many online sellers who dare to pay millions of dollars, especially those who sell on marketplace sites like amazon, alibaba etc. So, whoever sells at a low price, he is the one who has the most potential for success.

After being investigated, it seems that the low prices they offer are still profitable because the goods sold are (apparently) directly imported from China, the United States, Germany, and other countries (without intermediaries). As is known, China is known as a 'paradise' for suppliers and vendors with very, very cheap prices.

So, it can be concluded that the import business is one of the most effective strategies for selling online because the price is very cheap. In addition, there are also several underlying reasons why this business is an effective strategy for online sellers.

What are the reasons?

In addition to low product prices, import business is considered an effective strategy in selling online because:

  • Shipping costs from China are very cheap. The effect is still related to the very profitable selling price of goods.
  • There are many choices of suppliers/vendors. So you can be selective in determining the right vendor for you.
  • The choice of products is diverse, allowing you to determine what products there are no competitors when sold in Indonesia.
  • The products sold are unique and innovative, of course, not many local vendors can produce similar products.
  • Around the world does not have many individual importers, as a result, your competitors are still minimal.
  • Besides being able to be sold online, cheap and unique imported products can also be sold in the city where you live. Please read:

Selling cheap imported goods in your city, guaranteed success + without competitors!

From the 6 points above, it is very clear that the import business can be a 'weapon' for those who want to win the competition in selling online. Importers have a lot of advantages over their competitors, especially in terms of price -- allowing profits of up to 700%.

Many experts recommend that you start this business. The reason is, while there are not many competitors, so you can more freely 'dominate the market'. As a result, it is recommended that you start this business as soon as possible, because the longer you delay -- the more competitors you will have.

Remember, the nature of business people in Indonesia tends to like to 'follow in' trends. If this import business becomes a trend (in the future), more and more Indonesians will join in running it. As a bad result, of course, business competition will be tougher, and the number of buyers will be divided among many importers.

This is our short article about the import business as one of the best strategies for selling online. Let's do a 'strategy revolution' in doing business online, in order to be a winner in this increasingly fierce competition.

Hope it is useful!

( Rahani )

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