Know What is Google DNS Service (Google Public DNS)

Know What is Google DNS Service (Google Public DNS)

Know What is Google DNS Service

Know What is Google DNS Service - Not infrequently local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do not provide Domain Name Server (DNS) services that are as fast as Google's DNS, and often make internet connections slower. Therefore we need to change the available DNS of the ISP to get a faster connection.

To accommodate changing DNS, several public DNS providers offer to replace the original or default DNS from the ISP as well as the DNS owned by Google Public DNS. DNS from Google is considered capable of speeding up the browsing process as well as providing a guaranteed secure connection.

In order to be able to understand and understand what DNS is from understanding to use, how to change it and why you should try switching to Google DNS, let's look at the following article.

Know What is DNS?

DNS or domain name system is a protocol that is an important part of the website infrastructure that provides internet address book services such as every time when we search for a website, the computer will do DNS. Often we do not realize that we use this system every day.

DNS is a collection of data or a directory containing names and numbers. These data are IP addresses that are collected during the use of the computer or the launch of communication with each other.

The DNS directory system cannot be compared with the contact feature on a cellphone which is usually filled with personal names and numbers because DNS only contains a global summary of IP addresses.

In an era where the internet is still not widely used, we can still easily match the IP address with the computer being used. but now with the development and the number of devices as well as networks, to match IP addresses is a complicated job that is time consuming and difficult to do.

Besides creating a directory to accommodate all devices, to add convenience, words are used to make it easier for people to connect with each other to existing sites.

Because changing from a numeric configuration to words is easier to remember and this is why we need DNS to translate the set of numbers to the IP address we want to address.

Why is DNS Important?

Know What is Google DNS Service

The DNS system protocol is the most important part of the foundation of a web network infrastructure. DNS is a collection of telecommunications information like a phone book from around the world, the difference is that DNS stores all domains on the internet.

Every time we visit a web page, the computer device will run a DNS lookup process which is also known as a DNS lookup.

The process of searching for the address of this website is not carried out by a browser, computer or web server but by a DNS server via the internet. Then the DNS server helps the browser to find the location of the domain server according to the stored IP address.

Complex and complex web pages or sites will require more DNS lookups before they can be loaded, therefore DNS servers must be more powerful, powerful for a fast search process.

Plus, every device in the world performs DNS searches every day without a break, so poor DNS server quality greatly affects browsing speed.

Why do we need to try Google DNS?

The rapid development of technology makes DNS lookups also increase and this slows down the browsing process. The number of additional searches due to more complex web pages that take resources or sources from various domains. This is what makes the website retrieval process eventually involve a lot of searching through a DNS server or lookup.

One of the biggest search engine providers such as Google has launched a DNS service that can overcome such delays. Google makes development implementations from many aspects and possibilities such as performance, security also adjusts their DNS server features.

Google's infrastructure is already well-known and widespread, common to global users, thus making DNS servers faster and providing secure, fast, reliable internet services through their Anycast. The following are the advantages offered to its users:

1. Speed ​​up Browsing

Google DNS uses a global anycast server network service that allows Google DSN to track or locate the DNS server closest to the user to speed up the domain lookup process on DNS servers.

In addition, Google also implements a method to reduce latency, namely the lag time required in processing packets sending data to their recipients that occur in the query process on the server as well as managing cache optimization.

2. Provide security

Besides offering speed, DNS Gogole also provides a sense of security for its users because the problem that is often experienced by public or public DNS providers is the possibility that they can be used for DDoS (denial of service) attacks as well as amplification attacks, which is an explicit translation technique or paraphrasing information. clear, implicit in the source language.
To overcome this possibility, Google's DNS created a feature that can protect consumers from various kinds of attacks, especially for customers who are still using older versions of devices.

3. Able to process requests without redirection

An advantage that is also championed by Google DNS is that there is no redirect process when the website that we access turns out to be non-existent or tangible. Very different from DNS from ISPs which do automatic redirects once they read the destination site or domain is not recorded
Google DNS will not do a redirect but only provide query results that adjust to the original condition so that once the domain is not available or just typing a wrong domain address, the user or user will receive the NXDOMAIN code as a response to notify that the user has accessed a domain or website that is not known so there really is no redirect like most DNS servers.

4. Has been covered widely without geographical constraints

Along with the public DNS type, there is also a private or private DNS which does not have a problem in coverage, but for public DNS it requires more servers or close to each other between the user and the server because in order to reduce latency.
On the other hand, if the location of the user and server are far apart, the potential for latency will also be higher, therefore DNS will sort out the server closest to the location of the web server.

However, Google public DNS has been available in many data centers around the world where this infrastructure is strongly supported by anycast routing which will send a basic response from the data center closest to the web server geographically.

5. DNS over HTTPS

Google public DNS also improves their DNS access by using HTTPS or connecting DNS connections with the HTTPS encryption method earlier. HTTPS that encrypts DNS is able to prevent eavesdropping, damage, and can increase security on connections that occur between users and Google DNS.

This security system complements the existing system or DNSSEC in providing DNS authentication lookups from anywhere in the world.

How to Use Google DNS

Know What is Google DNS Service

Generally, the basic operating system and devices connected to the internet have the same method, you only need to enter the DNS rever IP address in the connection settings used.

Basically both on all operating systems or devices connected to the internet are the same, you only need to enter the DNS server IP address into the connection settings used. But keep in mind that each device has different settings. This Google DNS can be applied to Windows 7, 8 and 10 users and Linux.

Conclusion and Closing

Of the many public DNS servers out there, but the one that is most often suggested by the merits of consideration is of course Google Public DNS. Because as mentioned above, Google DNS is well known in addition to being generally and globally known, guaranteed security and ease of setting up the operating system.

In addition to the common Google, there are also alternative server providers such as Verisign, Quad9, OpenDNS, Cloudflare and other brands. There are many possible advantages that these servers can offer that you should try according to your needs.

What do you think? Well, what you need to pay attention to from DNS is security. By using proper security on your website your DNS will not be hacked. Good luck.

( Rahani )

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