Tips to Increase Google Adsense Earnings For Beginners

Tips to Increase Google Adsense Earnings For Beginners

Tips to Increase Google Adsense Earnings For Beginners

How to Increase Adsense Earnings for Beginners - Getting money from the internet has many ways that can be used, one of which is by placing PPC (Pay Per Click) ads. What is PPC advertising?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a digital advertising system that provides a commission when an ad on our blog or website is clicked by a visitor. So if there are no clicks, then there is no commission -- even though many visit our blog or website.

The most popular PPC ad provider site in the world is Google Adsense. Apart from being managed by a large company like Google, there are also lots of advertisements, the appearance is very good, and the commissions are bigger than other PPC ad provider sites.

Lots of internet marketers who depend their income on Google Adsense. There are even those whose income reaches millions of dolar per month just by placing Adsense ads. This site is truly extraordinary.

Easy Ways to Increase Adsense Earnings

Alright, without further ado -- here are some tips for improving Google Adsense for beginners. And these tips apply to those who already have an Adsense account. Please listen carefully.

1. Build Quality Content Consistently

It is undeniable that content is king. By building quality content consistently, your blog or website will be useful for readers. In addition, the quality of your blog or website will be 'recognized' by the Google search engine.

The way to be consistent in building content is to like the theme of your blog or website. So before you build a blog or website, first determine the theme (niche) that really fits your passion.

The thing to avoid in building content is copying and pasting articles from other blogs. Google will smell all the cheating you do like copy and paste. If caught, then get ready your blog will go down in search engine rankings. And what's worse, your blog may be deleted by Google (only for Blogger CMS users).

2. Try to Get Traffic From Search Engines

The most influential thing in revenue on Google Adsense is traffic. The greater the visitor traffic on your blog or website, the greater the ad clicks that occur. The more clicks on the ad, the more commission you get.
  • The ways to get traffic from search engines must be in ways such as:
  • Build quality and unique content
  • Build multi-word content (750-1000 words)
  • Using good SEO techniques, by targeting the keywords you have researched. To research keywords can be done through Google Keyword Planner.

3. Proper Ad Layout

Ad layout is quite influential in getting the number of ad clicks. Try to layout the ad in a place that is conspicuous and has the potential to be clicked by visitors.

The good ad layouts are:
  • Within the content (above the article and at the bottom of the article), use a 336x280 ad banner (image and text ads)
  • In the top sidebar, use a 300x250 banner ad and use image ads only
  • In the bottom sidebar, use a large banner ad (160x600) and use only image ads.

4. Use a suitable template for Adsense

The last tip in playing Adsense for beginners is to use a template (design/blog appearance) that is suitable for Adsense. Why should you choose a suitable template for Adsense?

The answer is because the template is designed to get a good CTR.

CTR is the ratio/ratio between the number of ads viewed and the ads clicked, usually in percent. The greater the CTR, the better your income from Adsense.

What are the criteria for a suitable template for Adsense?
  • The template size is light, so it loads fast and visitors like fast-loading blogs
  • SEO friendly template, so that the blog ranks well in search engines
  • The template provides auto related posts, great for onpage SEO
  • The template is ads ready, meaning that the ad slot is ready and all you have to do is install the ad script. Usually ad slots are ready at the top of the menu, bottom of the menu, sidebar, and within the content.
The first tips to increase Google Adsense income for beginners, we wrote. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.

( Rahani )

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