Unpacking Tricks Facebook Ads to Google Adsense, is it effective?

Facebook Ads to Google Adsense

Peeling tricks Facebook Ads to Google Adsense - Of course you already know that at this time, how to increase income from Google Adsense through Facebook Ads media has become a trending topic among Indonesian bloggers.

Facebook Ads are considered the most appropriate way to increase blog or website traffic, where traffic is the main capital of Blogger's income.

Facebook Ads to Google Adsense players usually do some tricks that "force" their readers to click on ads.

This coercion is indeed set specifically with an automatic script that makes Google Adsense income bigger. This trick is called the Floating Ads method or floating ads.

Before we discuss how to deal with invalid clicks from Facebook Ads, it's a good idea to know some tricks that are often used by players.

Keep in mind that the trick I describe is the result of what I found on my own Facebook page. So it could be different from what you see.

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Facebook Ads to Google Adsense Tricks

Facebook Ads to Google Adsense

Facebook Ads is one way to increase traffic with Fans Page media. Publishers do promotions by advertising that has previously been posted on their Fans Page.

There are two things that are often pursued by publishers who use Facebook Ads, namely

1. Increase the reach of Facebook Fans Page posts in the hope of reaching all regions, both locally and internationally.

Especially for those who use English-language blogs which do have a CPC value greater than Indonesia.

2. Increase blog traffic and get more clicks. Despite the fact that the CPC value of Facebook Ads is lower than Google's organic search results.

This can happen because Google sets a rule that publishers who use advertising media to increase traffic will be subject to smart pricing for every click they receive.

These two things are a priority for Facebook Ads to Google Adsense players and indeed the results received are very tempting.

Please look for some posts on Facebook that show their earnings from playing Facebook Ads. Very fantastic and very tempting.

Here are some tricks they often use to increase Google Adsense earnings from advertising on Facebook.

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1. Using Viral Articles

To support the desires of readers, viral articles are the main weapon for Facebook Ads to Google Adsense players.

Not infrequently some publishers use the Click Bait technique and even articles that are deceptive or hoaxes.

Usually they use excessive Titles, by adding sentence frills such as; Sadisti, and so on.

Some publishers sometimes use screenshots to reduce the risk of policy violations.

As we know that plagiarism is strongly opposed by Google. By using Screenshot, of course, it will be difficult for anyone to detect DCMA violations.

This screenshot image is embedded in the post and is well organized. A very visible weakness of this trick is when someone opens an article via a laptop, not from a smartphone.

The image will be very clear when opened via a laptop, so players usually target ads to readers who only use smartphones.

2. Embed English Articles with Large CPC

The second way that is often used to increase large CPC through Facebook Ads is to create English-language content.

The thing you need to know, that this content is hidden under the screenshot earlier.

Besides because Google prohibits placing ads on sites that only have images, this trick can spur ads with large CPCs to appear.

Usually they create content about Insurance, Banking, Property, and so on.

Some even place an article with the keyword "Mesothelioma" which is a Keyword with a Giant CPC in the USA area.

3. Using a Custom Search Engine (CSE)

There are still many who do not know what a Custom Search Engine (CSE) is. Even the major online media have not really optimized the search advertising features provided by Google.

CSE has a CPC price that tends to be higher than ads for content.

Publishers usually embed a special script on their blog templates so that CSE ads appear automatically.

I've tried this myself, and the results are really good. However, the risk of getting banned is also getting bigger because CSE has been modified.

Remember, never modify the Google Adsense script, this is a rule set by Google.

4. Using a Floating Ad Script

The last way to increase Google Adsense earnings from Facebook ads is to use floating ad scripts.

The originator of this idea I can say is very genius because visitors can accidentally click on ads on their articles.

The working principle of this script is to display an ad or it can also be an image that closes the original content and creates a "Close" button at the end of the corner of the ad that appears.

Amazingly, there is a transparent column on the "Close" button where there are Google ads behind Floating Ads.

So, when someone presses the close button, it is likely that the ad behind it will be depressed too.

There are even some publishers who place CSE ad scripts on their blogs. So that the ad that is accidentally clicked, is a search result ad with an unusually large CPC value.

Usually they place 2 ad codes, even more, in the blog header position. Fortunately, Google has released publishers regarding the amount of ad code that can be embedded.

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The Risks of Using Facebook Ads to Google Adsense Tricks

Facebook Ads to Google Adsense

Of course, all tricks have their own risks, and the biggest risk is being banned by Google for serving ads.

In detail, here are some of the risks faced by publishers who use the Facebook Ads to Google Adsense trick with the method I mentioned earlier.

1. Invalid Traffic and Invalid Clicks

The biggest risk is invalid traffic and invalid clicks that can cause your account to be banned.

This is most likely happened by every player of the Facebook Ads to Google Adsense trick. This is due to the following reasons:

1# Readers who open the article immediately close the article.

This is because there are floating ads that make them lazy to press the close button, articles are considered unattractive, blog loading is slow because there are too many ad scripts and other scripts.

This causes Invalid Traffic because the ad already appears on Floating Ads, but the reader doesn't spend more than 30 seconds.

2# Readers click on ads, even though they have just opened the shared article.

This makes invalid clicks that are getting bigger. Plus distressed ads are CSE ads.

You need to know, that the CSE ads that appear are ads that are set using keywords.

Visitors should consciously type in keywords in the CSE search field.

However, the CSE script in this trick only shows one type of keyword, so that Google will see the problem, why is that only the keyword that is clicked by visitors.

2. Blog Deleted

The second risk when you decide to use the Facebook Ads to Google Adsense trick is that your blog is deleted by Google.

Even though the trick used is to use Screenshoot, you still use content without the provider's permission.

There are several websites that apply the rules in the Terms of Service regarding the use of content.

When they accidentally find the content you share, they may file an objection to Google.

What about WordPress users? Is it safe?

Not really, they will contact your hosting and domain provider and ask to deactivate the domain.

3. Facebook Account Deleted

The last and very serious risk is that your Facebook account is deleted. Maybe you think that this is not too detrimental.

But just so you know, when your Facebook account is deleted, all related accounts such as Fanpage, Facebook Ads Manager, will also disappear.

When everything has been deleted by Facebook, the remaining balance in your Facebook Ads Manager account will also be lost. And you've already had more to lose.


From some of the Facebook Ads to Google Adsense tricks that I describe, do you think it is still effective to use them to earn more income?

So that's a discussion about fb ads to adsense that might help open your horizons. Hopefully this short article can be useful for all of you.