What is Email Marketing, Definition, and How it Works

Email Marketing

How email marketing works - In today's technological era, almost everyone uses email to fulfill their various needs. For those whose daily activities use a computer or laptop, then of course they have an email account too. Email itself has services that are free to paid, such as email marketing. What is email marketing?

Email marketing has now become one of the strategies that are widely used by various companies today to do marketing.

Email marketing itself can be used simply, even for large companies or businesses. However, before using it, you also need to know and understand what email marketing is.

By knowing what email marketing is, it will be easier for you to use it for the benefit of your company or business.

In this article itself, you can read more about what email marketing is, how it works, to tips and tricks on using email marketing for companies and businesses. Want to know about all these explanations? Below is a further explanation.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an effective strategy that is quite commonly used for those who have a company or business by using email. Email marketing itself is used to build connections with potential customers and then direct them to become loyal customers in an easy way.

This type of email like email marketing is also used to react directly to customer actions. This means that if the customer has already processed the transaction, then you can send them an email to complete the transaction. So how does email marketing work? Let's look at this article further.

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How Email Marketing Works

For those of you who want to use email marketing, basically this marketing strategy can be used quite simply. That is like when you want to write a letter to someone else. It's just that, if you use email, you can send messages faster and can even be accompanied by certain files.

Here's how it works and how to operate an email marketing that is commonly used:

  • Email can be opened and then write the contents of the message you want to send.
  • Then, the user can provide instructions on the email to send the message to another email address.
  • Next, the email server will automatically identify the destination email address. Then, the email will send the message that you have created to the address listed.
  • When the email has been sent, the contents of the message can be saved automatically in the email server. That way, the recipient can find it easily.
The way email marketing works is actually very simple, however, you also need to know what the tips and tricks for using email marketing are for the benefit of a company or business. What are the email marketing tips and tricks like? Read more below.

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Email Marketing Tips and Tricks for Business

Email Marketing

Have you ever sent out marketing emails? But you don't know whether the marketing strategy is working well? Some of the following tips you can apply so that the use of email marketing can run more effectively. Anything? Below are some of them:

1. First identify the target recipient of the email correctly

The first email marketing tips & tricks you need to identify or identify the target recipient of the email more precisely. That way, you can find out what problems they are facing. From this, you can offer them the right solutions through the email content that you create.

So, how do you identify the target email? You just need to do simple surveys via email and then find out what the target audience expects for the product or service you have. Also know to what extent the target knows your company or product.

2. Segmenting email recipients

Next email marketing tips & tricks, you need to segment the target email recipients you have. You can do this by creating the content, title, and body of the email according to what they need at that time.

You can also segment according to customer status, customer behavior, types of services or products they are interested in, geographic location, and much more. By paying attention to this segmentation, you will be more precise in sending content to the recipient.

3. Don't let the email you send go into the spam folder

If you send an email, but what happens is that the email goes to the spam folder, then you can be sure that the email was never opened by the target recipient. Then what is the solution so that the email does not go into the spam folder? You can do the following things:
  • You can make sure that the targeted email has the owner's approval. One way to get these approved emails is to purchase an email list through a paid provider.
  • Next, make sure you get the email in a good way. One of them can be by providing a subscribe menu on the website you have.
  • Then, send an email using an IP address that has never been used for spamming.
  • You can send email using a verified domain.

4. Pay attention to the writing of the title to make it as attractive as possible

Generally, internet users decide to open an email because they see the title and the first sentence in the existing email content. If in the first second they are attracted to their attention then it is certain that they can read the entire content of the email.

For that, you need to apply this one email marketing tip & trick. Then, how do you create an interesting title and first sentence? You can apply the following step:
  • Create a title that can pique the curiosity of the reader. You can use interrogative sentences that ask about problems they often experience.
  • Next, don't use vocabulary that is too difficult for most people to understand.
  • Finally, you can also use statistical figures so that the reader is also curious. For example, 30% of people in various parts of Indonesia are satisfied with our services, don't you want to be one of them?

5. Change and manage email content

By writing the contents of the email as if it was sent to only one person, the recipient will certainly feel more privileged.

However, you can still send it to more than one recipient. In addition, by writing a personal email like this, the style of language that is read will also be more comfortable.

You can make email marketing the right solution as a digital marketing strategy.

Conclusion and Closing

Not only that, email marketing is indeed considered more effective to do. It is proven by the high number of users of email marketing from time to time. By applying the various email marketing tips & tricks above, promoting your products or services will certainly be much easier. For that, don't hesitate to take advantage of what email marketing is in your business or company.

Moreover, there are already many business owners who have successfully marketed their products and services using email marketing. Of course, they also have quite a lot of email lists, so that in marketing their products, they will get more benefits.

So, if you are a business or company owner and have never tried to use email marketing, it never hurts to start using it from now on.

So that's an article about what email marketing is and how email marketing works that we can share. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.