5 Tips for Comfortable Reading E-books, Read More

How to read a comfortable E-book

Tips for comfortable reading E-books - a hobby of reading books? Maybe you are a connoisseur of e-books, aka electronic books.

Yep, electronic books do have several advantages over physical books. Besides being more practical to carry anywhere, electronic books can also be accessed anytime and anywhere.

It's no wonder that many Viagramedb are getting interested in enjoying electronic books.

However, staring at gadgets for a long time to read certainly makes you uncomfortable. Hands also get tired from having to hold the gadget for a long time.

Well, if Viagramedb also feel it, maybe you don't know the trick. For that, here Viagramedb provides tips for comfortable reading e-books for you:

1. Use a different device from the gadget used to communicate

How to read a comfortable E-book

Reading certainly requires calm, as well as when you do it on your smartphone. For that the slightest disturbance will certainly make you uncomfortable.

For that, if possible, it's a good idea to read using a device other than the smartphone that you use for daily communication.

This will help you avoid various distractions, one of which is your social media notifications. But if this method is not possible, you can also use another method, namely by turning off the internet connection while reading.

2. Reduce the brightness on the gadget screen while reading

How to read a comfortable E-book

Normal light that emanates from your gadget screen can tire your eyes quickly. For that you can try to reduce the brightness on the screen while reading to avoid eye fatigue.

You can also try switching to dark mode or activating an invention in the settings to reduce the light emitting from your gadget screen.

In addition, some applications usually have a read mode feature that can turn the screen display yellowish.

This will make your smartphone screen look like a page in a physical book. That way, reading can be more comfortable.

3. Use the phone holder

How to read a comfortable E-book

When reading an e-book, maybe most choose to hold it. But this method is certainly tiring.

For that the best way is to use a holder. The use of the holder makes you more comfortable and your hands don't get tired easily.

4. Take a moment to rest

How to read a comfortable E-book

Too long to do an activity is certainly not a good thing. Likewise with reading e-books, staring too long at the gadget screen can interfere with eye health. For this reason, it is very important to rest your eyes for a while on the sidelines of your reading.

Take a break every 30 minutes to drink, go to the toilet, get some fresh air by taking a walk, or just closing your eyes longer.

This will help your eyes not get tired quickly instead of having to force yourself to read continuously.

5. Read with adequate room light

How to read a comfortable E-book

Reading e-books in a dark room or lack of light for a long time is very dangerous for eye health.

You have to pay attention to the light in your room when reading. Make sure the light is sufficient so that it makes you comfortable reading.

So, those are some tips for comfortable reading e-books that Viagramedb can share. Hopefully useful guys!