6 Unique Hanging Decoration Ideas You Must Try

Unique Hanging Decoration Ideas

The wall is one of the areas in the residence that is most often used as a decoration. The surface is flat and the area is quite wide. Because the position of the wall is vertical, the most appropriate type of decoration is a hanging decoration.

Various Variety of Hanging Decorations with Anti Mainstream Models

The form of decoration does not only depend on photos and wall clocks, but is very diverse. Here Kania has 6 unique hanging decoration ideas that you must try in your home!

1. Mesh board

Unique Hanging Decoration Ideas

Hanging decorations in the form of mesh boards are still a trend today. The shape is in the form of woven wire that forms a square. This mesh board serves to hang various photos, postcards, quote cards, notepads, to favorite accessories. Perfect for hanging on a desk or bed. The residence becomes more aesthetic with the presence of a mesh board.

In addition to the full wire model, you can also choose a mesh board that is framed with natural wood so that it is more sturdy and the wire is not easily bent. Its unique appearance depends on how you arrange various accessories and picture paper.

2. Islamic Calligraphy Painting

Unique Hanging Decoration Ideas

For residential owners who embrace Islam, Islamic ornaments are items that must be presented. One of them is in the form of hanging decorations of Islamic calligraphy paintings. This hanging decoration can identify as followers of the Islamic religion and also remind the inhabitants of the Creator.

You can choose a simple, vintage, cheerful calligraphy model, or a mid-century style like this inspiration. The design is made in the mid-medieval style. The choice of yellow as a calligraphy background makes this hanging decoration appear in the corner of the room.

3. Shelf with Hangers

Unique Hanging Decoration Ideas

Want to find hanging decorations for Japanese-style residences, but which are multifunctional and space-saving? You can try using a shelf with hangers like this.

The part of the shelf that is used as a display area for favorite objects. Meanwhile, the hanger underneath can be used to see the hats, house keys, or accessories that you use most often.

The color of this non-market hanging decoration is also very diverse. Likewise with the models, some are made with an elongated shape, some are even made to be tiered like tiny stairs like the picture above.

At the bottom there are 3 simple hangers. This hanging ornament is complemented by a wooden pole as a backdrop. At first glance, it looks like a house fence, right?

4. Solid Elements of Nature

Unique Hanging Decoration Ideas

Today's homes are becoming synonymous with natural nuances. These nuances can be presented through plants in pots. However, if you are too busy caring for plants, just replace the plant elements in pots with natural elements in the form of unique hanging decorations with leaf shapes like this inspiration.

Various types of leaves are presented in gold metal material. Coupled with a shiny surface, the residence will look even more luxurious!

5. Wooden Deer Head

Unique Hanging Decoration Ideas

For some people, hanging ornaments in the form of geometric-style animal heads are too mainstream. As an alternative, you can try a unique hanging ornament in the form of an animal head made of flat wood.

The choice of colors for this unique hanging decoration also varies, ranging from red, yellow, and black. The design is simple, it can be hung just like that or the horns can be used as jewelry hangers such as bracelets and necklaces

6. Stars on the Wall

Unique Hanging Decoration Ideas

This hanging star decoration is not just a form of decoration. Behind the stars, there is a tiny pole that works as a clothes hanger.

This unique hanging ornament has dimensions of 13cm x 1.5cm x 12cm. To make the atmosphere of the room more lively, present some of these star hanging decorations and arrange them randomly on one of the wall areas.

Of all the ideas above, which hanging decoration do you like the most? Hopefully the above article can help you all.