Apply These Anchor Text Tricks for More On-Point SEO!

Anchor Text

In the world of SEO, one of the important indicators to improve website rankings is backlinks. However, the backlink or the link may not be installed. You have to pay attention to the name anchor text.

So, what is anchor text?

In this article you will learn about anchor text. Starting from the format, the types that are commonly used, to tips for practicing them optimally.

What is Anchor Text?

In simple terms, anchor text is text that is used to link or link. Compared to the usual text, anchors stand out with blue or underlines. Don't forget, this article is clearly clickable.

Anchor Text Example

So as not to be confused, let's try to discuss what examples and how anchor text works.

For example, we will use quality anchor text backlinks to go to the Gramedia News homepage. If we dissect it into the form of html code, it looks more or less:

<a href=" ">quality backlinks</a>

Well, "quality backlinks" that are called anchors. Whereas is the link destination.

Why is Anchor Text Important?

Anchor text must also be arranged in such a way that it is SEO friendly. It should be concise and relevant to the linked page. There are two about:

  • First, search engines use this text to gauge whether the website you are running is spam. If the text you use for the link doesn't work, it's likely that Google will consider your site spam.
  • Second, anchor text helps website visitors find out what other topics are covered. They can explore the topic content more practically.

Indeed, as a website owner, you generally cannot control the anchor text of backlinks that are directed to other people's pages. No luck, you can still set internal links to keep them relevant.

Below, we'll start discussing the types of anchor text you can use.

5+ Anchor Text Types

Anchor Text

There are at least six types that you must know. Anything?

1. Same survive

This type of text uses the exact same anchor as the target page's keywords. For example, an article discussing digital marketing, more or less the text of the link reads "digital marketing".

2. Partially similar

This anchor is similar to the first type, but there is an additional slight variation. For example, digital marketing articles have anchor text "digital marketing strategies", "digital marketing tricks", or others.

3. Brand

Brands can also take advantage of this anchor. Maybe you often find it in articles that point to certain businesses. For example, every time there is the word "Gramedia News" in an article, it will be linked to Gramedia News' blog.

4. Plain links

This text looks pretty lazy actually. Because the anchor text is just a copy-pasted link. This text will automatically turn into a link. For example

5. Generic

You must be bored to find this type of anchor. Why? Because it is usually in the form of a very general word or phrase. For example, such as "click here", "register now", and the like.

6. Pictures

This is something that is often missed. Turns out, Google uses the “alt text” in the image as anchor text!

Anchor Text

Alt text is text that is affixed to an image and will appear clearly if the website page fails to load properly. You can set it every time you upload a photo/illustration to the web.

If you are still a hobby at this point, now you have to be diligent in checking the image description before clicking publish.

3 Tips for Making Anchor Text

Now you are ready to practice hands-on. Viagramedb will describe it simply based on SEO indicators.

While it may seem easy, anchoring should follow three points: concise, relevant, and not generic. For more details, see the following explanation.

1. Concise

There's really no limit to how long the text can be. However, we highly recommend that you keep it as short as possible. Why is that?

Remember, the function of anchors is to make it easier for search engines and website visitors to understand your content. So make sure the text:

  • Concise and simple
  • Description is accurate and not
  • Get the reader's attention to click on it

2. Relevant

Search engines will see the relationship between pages via backlinks. Backlinks that point to articles on the right topic will send a stronger “relevance signal” to search engines. As a result, your website page can go to the first page of Google.

Well, to make relevant anchors is very difficult. You just need to make sure:

  • Topics between pages are interconnected
  • The anchor text matches the content of the target page

If the topic is connected, obviously the story is not good either. In fact, it is not impossible for your website to be considered spam and fake.

3. Don't be generic

Google has a Google Penguin algorithm that is constantly being updated. This algorithm will check the keywords that are installed in the anchor.

Well, what?

If there are multiple websites pointing to your article and using the same anchor text, Google will find it unnatural. In other words, Google may consider your website as spam.

That's why you should avoid generic keywords like “click here”. For example, use keywords that directly refer to the topic of the article. SEO, search engine index results with this technique will usually be better.

Ready to Change Anchor Text So SEO Friendly?

Now you have a thorough understanding of anchor text. Remember, don't just finish reading and then forget about it. Although it looks trivial, but this will help you to improve your website's SEO.

So, like it or not, you don't hesitate to practice right away! Hopefully useful for all of you.

( Rahani )