These are the 5 most powerful tricks for selling online ebooks to make them more popular

These are the 5 most powerful tricks for selling online ebooks to make them more popular

selling online ebooks

Selling ebooks online is the most practical and profitable way to do business. If you have good writing skills, then you can try selling ebooks because they have good opportunities, especially for beginners. Through the Ebook later you can also share important information with your readers.

Ebooks have also become a trend where people no longer buy books in physical form. One of the reasons apart from saving paper usage, is also because nowadays people prefer to read through their gadgets.

Selling ebooks online is also arguably the easiest business because it doesn't require large capital. Selling ebooks online is a simple way for online merchants to monetize their knowledge and experience by creating digital products that can be easily purchased and downloaded from their online stores.

With these various conveniences, finally many people want to try their luck by doing business through selling ebooks online.

How to start a business selling ebooks online?

selling online ebooks

Starting a business selling ebooks is certainly very easy. Here are the ways that you should pay attention to for the sake of smoothness in starting an online Ebook selling business;

1. Looking for the cheapest distributor

To get the maximum profit, then look for the cheapest distributor. Out there, of course, there are many quality distributors who still provide the cheapest prices, especially for beginners.

2. Choose the best E-commerce according to you

In selling Ebooks, you have to choose which Ecommerce you want to use. In Indonesia, there are Kaskus, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Bhineka, or Elevenia. Overseas can be on eBay or Amazon. You can choose any or all of them as long as you can set the time.

3. Prepare the website

Even if you are already selling ebooks on ecommerce, you must have a website. This is because it will be easier for people to find you through the website than at online stalls.

4. Learn online selling techniques

Selling ebooks is certainly different from other online businesses so you have to learn the techniques. There are tons of specialized terms and techniques here. Like how to deal with customers through instant messaging or learn advertising techniques.

How to sell Ebooks online that make a lot of money?

selling online ebooks

Income selling e-books is also very much. This is also the trigger why many people want to do business by selling ebooks online. For those of you who want to sell ebooks online, here's how you can try;

1. Focus on the steps

Based on surveys that have been conducted, people usually buy ebooks because they want to learn something. So a step-by-step approach to your subject is a great way to structure your ebook.

If you spell out each step of the process in detail, then not only will your Ebooks content be more in demand by readers, but also more practical in writing the Ebook itself.

2. Create a catchy title

Choosing the right title of course has a big role in whether or not someone decides to buy your ebook. That's why it's so important to take the time to choose a title that attracts the customers you're targeting.

3. Use the intro page more wisely

Most ebooks certainly offer the first 10-20 pages as a preview for free online reading. This is able to give customers to decide whether later they are interested in buying it or not. For that, make an intro page that is wiser and able to attract customers so that later they buy the ebook that you sell.

4. Choose words that are simple and easy for everyone to digest

Most people will prefer simple languages. To ensure that your writing can be understood by all, avoid using jargon, acronyms, and other foreign terms that are difficult for others to understand. That way the ebook will sell faster.

5. Give interesting promos

Selling online is inseparable from promotion. Whether it's selling online or offline, of course, it is very important to do promotions. Make promotions so that customers are more interested in buying your ebook. Especially if you are still early in selling online, providing promos will certainly make it easier for you to sell.

Important formats for creating ebooks

selling online ebooks

When creating an Ebook, there are a few elements to keep in mind to make your content more reader-friendly. Here are the tips;

1. Choose a good format

If you want to be successful in selling Ebooks, then you have to make sure the best format is one of them with PDF. PDF will make it easy for people to open on different operating systems while allowing readers to easily download and print their Ebooks from their various devices.

2. Choose an easy-to-read font

Fonts have an important role in creating an Ebook. This will also make it easier for readers to understand what the ebook contains.

3. Use a consistent color scheme

Whatever color scheme you choose, make sure you're always consistent. If you need a little help choosing a color palette, a site like paletteton.com will help you find the best colors for your Ebook.

4. Choose the right format to scan

As trivial as it may seem, make sure you choose the right format to scan to the next page. You can format your ebook to use a regular slide, appearing from the side or from the top. Try to choose an easy scanner.

5. Choose an attractive cover design

It is very important in choosing a cover design for your Ebook. If you are not very good at designing, then you can take advantage of tools like Canva which are certainly easy to use. You can make it the way you want. Also make sure to have a correlation between the content and the design.

6. Proofreading

Before you start selling your ebook, you have to do some proofreading. This will minimize the occurrence of errors such as spelling and typos (typo). After you finish proofreading, you can immediately sell it. Don't forget to do promotions.

That's the most powerful way to sell ebooks online and how to maximize sales. Hopefully useful, especially for those of you who are newbies.


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