Use these 6 contemporary wall lights for luxury auto direct residence

Modern Wall Lamp

The installation of lights really needs to be considered because it can display a certain impression that you want to highlight in the dwelling.

However, if you want to create a dramatic impression in an indoor or outdoor area, you can consider using a wall lamp which can also be used as an additional decoration.

In this article, Viagramedb will provide references about various models of wall lamps that you can use at home.

Cool and Elegant Modern Wall Lamp Model

Therefore, for those of you who want to create a luxurious and modern impression in your home, take a look at the following inspirational wall lamps, come on!

1. Round Wall Lamp

Modern Wall Lamp

Round in shape, this wall lamp inspiration is perfect for those of you who want to create an elegant impression on your home.

This indoor wall lamp is ready to conjure up the room to make it look artistic and of course it looks very luxurious because of the use of metal lampshades and gold.

Regarding its use, you can use this modern gold aquanteq glass wall lamp in the hallway, bedroom, and even living room because it is also effectively used as room decoration.

2. Industrial Wall Lamp

Modern Wall Lamp

If you want to apply an industrial-style interior concept to your home, then the use of wall lamps like the model above is worth considering.

This wall lamp model is not only effective in highlighting the industrial impression you want to carry, but also makes the room look attractive and dramatic through its charming design.

Appearing in elegant black color, this industrial-style pulley model wall lamp has a frame made of iron so it is very sturdy. Very cool and unique, huh?

3. Wooden Wall Lamp

Modern Wall Lamp

There are also recommendations for wooden wall lamps that are very suitable for use in homes with Japanese design concepts. In the form of a box, this special indoor wall lamp is certainly ready to make the room seem more charming, warm, but still natural thanks to the use of wood as the frame.

You can use this wall lamp with a wood frame in the hallway area of ​​the house, bedroom, even family room to create a dramatic yet aesthetic impression. The atmosphere at home will be warmer and more natural.

4. Up and Down Wall Lights

Modern Wall Lamp

If you want to use an outdoor wall lamp, then this product inspiration is perfect for ogling. Interestingly, this outdoor wall lamp has fittings on the top and bottom so that it can emit light on both sides.

As a result, you can also create a dramatic impression by installing up and down wall lights on the terrace or garden area of ​​your residence.

5. Unique Double Sided Wall Lamp

Modern Wall Lamp

The next reference is a wall lamp that is accompanied by two fittings so that you can attach two bulbs at once on the left and right sides.

Made from sturdy iron material, you can also install this wall lamp in indoor areas such as hallways or living rooms to make your home look more beautiful. This unique wall lamp model with two left and right sides is suitable for industrial, minimalist, and Scandinavian-style residences.

6. Classic Wall Lamp

Modern Wall Lamp

Suitable for use in both classic and industrial style residences, the brass gold wall lamp reference above is made of metal material that looks very solid and elegant.

Its use is very effective in making the room seem magnificent. Wrapped in gold, this wall lamp can also be used as a focal point in the room because of its sleek and stand-out design.

In addition to paying attention to the model of the wall lamp, you also have to choose a quality bulb that can emit the best light because it will affect the mood that will be generated. So, hopefully useful for all of you..

( Rahani )