6+ Easy ways to raise native chickens to get big fast


How to raise native chickens

How To Make Chicken Farms - Super free-range chicken is one of the people's choices as a business that has a fairly high profit.

The growth of Super Kampung Chicken is felt to be big and not diverse by breeders who are just starting this business.

However, this happened because the new breeders did not understand the technicalities or how to raise these chickens.

The type of feed given to super native chickens is also very influential on the growth of chickens.

Usually the breeders who are just starting to raise Javanese chickens will provide factory feed (broiler), but for the finish stage or the final stage, usually the farmers provide factory feed mixed with milled corn or rice bran.

Precisely this can cause the nutrients absorbed by the chicken's body to be lower so that the chicken that grows is not diverse.

How To Make Chicken Farms Super Fast Big?

Talking about how fast joper chickens get fat sometimes it can be different. Because sometimes every breeder uses his own technique which is sometimes not necessarily suitable for other breeders to apply.

However, hopefully the following points can be an additional insight for all of you. The following are important points so that our joper chickens can grow fat or large quickly:

1. Choosing a quality Super Kampung Chicken DOC

How to raise native chickens

The super free-range chicken seeds that you raise must be the type of Super Kampung Chicken that grows quickly.

This is so that the growth of chickens can be fast and so that it is easy to spur growth. This is where it is necessary to choose a place to buy a good joper chicken doc.

Regarding the price of the joper chicken doc, it is an important point to think about from the farmer's side, but the price should not override the quality of the joper chicken doc or seeds.

2. Grouping between small and large chickens

How To Make Chicken Farms

Making it in groups will certainly reduce feed competition and can make chickens get a balanced diet between chickens. Usually each group is filled with 50 chicks.

3. Separating between hens and roosters

The separation of the Super Java Chicken in the cage should be separated by sex. In the separation of sexes can be started when the Java chicken is 1 month old.

This separation is done so that the super free-range chicken can grow well.

4. Choose the Right Type of Cage

The cage is made wide enough so that the chickens can comfortably eat and drink in the cage, also provide good ventilation so that the air in the cage can be replaced with new air.

Because a cage that does not have ventilation in it will smell and musty. In addition, use a semi-intensive cage, where the cage has a yard for laying chickens.

But it's even better if the base is soil, so the chickens can roam freely.

It is better if the joper chicken coop is made of wood or bamboo, because the Javanese chicken likes to jump and perch on the tangkringan, this is what causes the Javan chicken body to be large and relatively sturdy.

Tangkringan can also function as a place to save themselves when other chickens attack.

In addition, when the chickens are perched in particular, it will give a relatively good health effect compared to keeping the chickens directly on the ground without tangkringan

5. Give Special Treatment to Chickens

After the separation between male and female chickens should be applied specifically to female chickens, because the growth of female chickens is slower when compared to male chickens.

6. Optimal Feed Arrangement

Engineering rations or joper chicken feed that is made is not difficult, but fast fat joper chicken feed should contain high protein.

You can get this high protein in the manufacturer's feed. This section does sometimes lead to quite tough discussions between breeders who use pre-brewed and alternative feeds.

As far as we know, factory feed is still very superior when compared to homemade feed. Try if the breeder will make joper chicken feed so that it grows quickly, they must know how to have a good composition.

This is because for optimal growth and health of chickens are also well maintained.

Feed Composition So that Kampung Chickens get big or fat fast

How to raise native chickens

1. DOC Chicken Feed – 25 days

Chicks aged 1-25 days should be given 100% BR. At this age, provide lighting to keep the chickens warm and able to eat at night.

The water given is usually boiled water for vegetables, for example papaya leaves, cassava or findings to maintain a healthy body and maintain the chicken's appetite.

In addition, breeders can also add vitamins for joper chickens to make them grow fast.

2. Chicken feed aged 25 days – 2 months

Javanese chicken aged 26 days - 2 months should be given 20% meat concentrate, 30% finely ground corn and 40% fine rice bran, at this age the light can be reduced gradually.

3. Chicken feed aged 2 months and over

Java chicken aged 2 months and over should be given 20% meat concentrate, 30% corn, 40% rice bran, and 5-10% additional vegetables. In addition you can add supplements, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

How to make chicken feed so that it grows fast can be given in the form of vegetable feed. It is given by cutting it into small pieces. Or boiled and then given directly to chicken feed.

So that joper chickens get fat quickly, giving quality feed when it has a big impact. Not only that, the application of good maintenance also has an impact on cleaning the cage and other sanitation regularly.

( Rahani )