Easy Ways to Prepare Feed in Super Kampung Chicken Livestock

Super Kampung Chicken

Feed for the life of chickens is very important. Likewise with Javanese super chicken or joper chicken, feed is a basic need for survival. The function of feed itself is to meet basic needs for life, to form tissue cells and body tissues so that they can replace damaged parts. Besides that, feed is also needed for production.

Feed is a necessity that must always be provided by farmers, feed is also the biggest cost in raising livestock, but if we can work around it then we will reduce expenses.

In raising free-range chickens, we can arrange using feed that has nutrients but the price is not too expensive. We also have to know the preparation of feed that does not leave the need for energy, protein and amino acids as a source of nutrition.

Super kampung chicken or Joper Chicken (Javanese Super Chicken) is a term commonly used for super kampung chicken. In its maintenance, joper chicken is also the same as super free-range chicken. Feeding must be according to age. in preparing feed is divided into several stages.

How many stages are there in preparing the feed?

Here are 3 stages in preparing super free-range chicken feed

1. During the Super Kampung Chicken DOC

The feed is given full concentrate until the age of 7 days, after the age of 7 days the feed is mixed with a little water. When the chickens are two weeks old, give additional can be in the form of bran or soybean meal. This type of feed is given until the age of 5 weeks

2. During the grower period (growth)

In the grower period, which is at the age of 5 weeks to 6 weeks, the chickens have started to need protein. Protein itself can come from concentrate or bran. In addition, also from animals such as small fish, and provide additional feed from vegetables such as kale or ground nuts.

3. At the finisher

The finisher period is the final period in its maintenance, at this stage the chickens will be ready to be harvested. The final period is when the chicken is 6-12 weeks old. feed such as bran, bran and other types of feed containing protein are still given until the age of 12 weeks, this aims to increase body weight.

At the age of 12 weeks, the results of the chicken can be harvested, Joper chicken or super free-range chicken can be marketed. Sometimes due to a lot of market demand, the age of chickens that have not reached 12 weeks is needed.

However, if you want to be more practical in maintaining this super native chicken or joper chicken, you can use full BR or voer from the starter, grower to finisher period. Indeed, in terms of prices, sometimes it can be more expensive, but this is the world of chicken farming, the challenge of experimenting is really needed. Then after that you can find the right formula for your super chicken feed blend.