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This site was established on (03/08/2021) with the theme "Gramedia News" which is the nickname of this site to discuss several topics that the public may need in some topics that we will review later.

The "Gramedia News" website/website was established by (Nikcolaus Gane) with the aim of sharing information that most Indonesians may not understand. With the presence of this site, and through our writings, we sincerely hope that our writings can be useful for the Indonesian people and people everywhere in the world.

Our goal by establishing this site is to study something scientific, then we will publish it in a public form so that people can see and read it. With the presence of the site (, we really hope that our writing will be useful for people around the world.

Public Service

We are very active in the blogging world so our important role towards our clients is to provide satisfaction with the best service we can try. We do this so that in communicating with our clients, we continue to provide customer satisfaction through good service and continue to be friendly.

In addition to this site reviewing material, we also practice more through the public services we provide according to the capabilities we have. The following are public services that we provide:

1. Website Development Services

We support this program to create new blogger seeds so that Indonesia can also compete with the outside world through blogs. It is very influential and still has the potential to have great opportunities to make money through the internet. Therefore, we provide this service at a very friendly website creation price.

Here are some types of websites that we provide according to our capabilities:

  • Personal Blog Service
  • News Portal Web Services
  • Online Store Web Services
  • Agency/Company Web Services
  • Education Web Services
  • Health Web Services
  • Web Services Portfolio
  • Community Web Services
  • Hotel/Booking Web Services
  • etc

Google News Service

We also help fellow bloggers and wordpress to help register on google news so that your writing can be indexed quickly on the google search engine. In this service, we play a role in technical matters as well as new manufacture.

Google Adsense Services

In this program we support to help all friends who need problems faced with Google Adsense. we will

help you solve the problem.

We serve google adsense services, both TLD and free ones, aka still blogspot. No problem, we will help you to solve the problem until Adsense accepts your blog to serve ads.

I am ready to help until the ad appears. Provided that your blog or website does not violate the TOS of Adsense, which include:

Pages with Google ads may not include or link to:

  • Pornographic, adult or vulgar content
  • Content about violence
  • Content that threatens or provokes harm to self or others
  • Content that harasses, intimidates, or oppresses individuals or groups of individuals
  • Content that incites hatred against, promotes discrimination against, or disparages individuals or groups based on race or ethnicity, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristics associated with discrimination or marginalization systematic
  • Excessive impolite language
  • Content hacking/cracking
  • Software or other content that violates the Unwanted Software Policy
  • Malware or adware
  • Drug content and related equipment
  • Content that promotes, sells, or advertises products obtained from rare or endangered species.
  • Sales of beer or liquor
  • Sales of tobacco or tobacco-related products.
  • Prescription drug sales
  • Sale of weapons or ammunition (e.g. rifles, rifle parts, combat knives, stun guns)
  • Sales or distribution of assignments or lecture papers
  • Content about programs that compensate users for clicking on ads or offers, performing searches, browsing sites, or reading email
  • Other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activities, or violates the legal rights of others
  • Publishers are also prohibited from placing AdSense code on pages where the majority of the content is in an unsupported language.
  • The processing time is adjusted until the adsense is approved by Google and the ads appear on your blog, it can be long or fast depending on Google.

Article Services

In this program, we provide article messaging public services that can help you update your blog posts.

We are an article writing service from a workspace writing team, we help in SEO article writing services for your website, both Adsense players, Online Stores, SEO Services, Blogger, Wordpress, Digital, Agency, etc.

Types of articles we serve:

  • Articles SEO Articles to help your SERP position in search engines
  • Article rewrite
  • Natural Articles, this article is for web owners who want to provide natural content without SEO elements, only provide articles that are useful for visitors or regular posting articles so that the web position does not go down.
  • Our translated articles accept Indonesian-English translations at English prices.
  • Product review articles, both local products and affiliate products such as Amazon, Clickbank, etc.
  • Custom Articles, Articles made according to your needs.
  • The themes of the articles we serve:
  • Health
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Electronic
  • Sport
  • Technology
  • etc, depending on the order theme

Vision and mission

We also have our own vision and mission to improve our hospitality and development towards the internet world so that people can take and reap the good sides so that we are here to influence people to get to know the internet as much as possible.

Following is our Vision and Mission:

1. Vision

  • To help people get to know the internet better
  • Creating new seeds of blogger and wordpress through the services we provide
  • Increase the use of the internet properly and wisely
  • Helping people to develop and see the development of the outside world

2. Mission

"Raising the standard of application in self-development towards a better and advanced world to make dreams that were dreams come true"

Through this vision and mission, we play an active role in helping people in need. Both through public services and public services in the form of sincerity. Although this is quite simple, it can build a better self-development.


Completely, with the humility we have towards the public. We also thank our clients for trusting us. You support us with our program completely so you trust us.

And it helps us grow with a strong foundation, you are our foundation to grow together.

It is our hope, if we make mistakes in unfriendly expressions, chats or communications, or lack in our services. We sincerely apologize to you.

August 18, 2021, New York

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